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Are you committed to academic excellence? Are you dedicated to service? Are you a leader? Stevenson offers scholarships and programs for students who wish to partake in rigorous academic opportunities, extend their civic engagement with the community, or engage in leadership education.

Explore our programs to find the right one to elevate your experiences at Stevenson.

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Leadership Scholars

Leadership Scholars is a comprehensive program that offers participants the opportunity to engage in leadership education through personal exploration, community engagement, and collaborative problem solving. 

Service Scholars

Service Scholars is a comprehensive initiative that offers participants the opportunity to extend their civic engagement in the community, reflect upon possibilities for personal and social change, as well as develop the necessary skills to succeed in the classroom and, eventually, in the workforce.

Honors Program

The Stevenson Honors Program invites the University’s most academically talented students into an exciting, four-year honors experience. Honors students—across disciplines—develop a strong network of mutually outstanding and motivated peers, experiencing Stevenson together while building lifelong bonds through this living-learning community.