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Stevenson University Videos - Spring 2017 | Bridge Update

Spring 2017 | Bridge Update
February 24, 2017
Take a look at the progress being made on the bridge and walkway between the Owings Mills and Owings Mills North campuses!

March 23, 2017
A retrospective on the tenure and successes of Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D., President of Stevenson University (2000-2017), and the transformation of the institution from Villa Julie College to a 4,000-plus student residential university with an emphasis on liberal arts education combined with career preparation.
March 10, 2017
Students, alumni, and faculty from various departments reflect on Stevenson University’s career-centered education and how this style of learning helped them achieve academic excellence.
March 7, 2017
Gibble and Bink chat about studying off-campus, how it can benefit students, and where to learn more about how to study internationally or domestically. For more info, visit
February 28, 2017
In a surprise school visit, SU's Admissions team headed to Ben Franklin High School at Masonville Cove to award the Presidential Fellow Scholarship to high school senior Julia Wingard.
February 27, 2017
Christine is addicted to her cellphone, never paying attention to the outside world... all of that is about to change.
February 24, 2017
Take a look at the progress being made on the bridge and walkway between the Owings Mills and Owings Mills North campuses!
February 24, 2017
Take a look at the progress being made on the bridge and walkway between the Owings Mills and Owings Mills North campuses!
February 23, 2017
A virtual wonderland that immerses you into your wildest dream- The Nether. What are the consequences for living out your most private, wildest dreams? Be prepared for the winter semester's Blackbox Production: The Nether, written by Jennifer Haley. Directed by Linda Chambers. DATES: February 23,24,25 @7PM March 3,4 @7PM LOCATION: 1525 Greenspring Valley Rd, Stevenson, MD 21153 BOX OFFICE: (443) 334-2618
February 20, 2017
The SUTV club attended the opening of "Beauty, etc." and interviewed some of the contributing artists.
February 20, 2017
Join us for an evening of live music, dancing, raffles, and other entertainment. Enjoy pit beef, ham and turkey, oysters on the half shell, and other traditional bull roast fare.
February 15, 2017
Students from Stevenson University's Fashion Design program had the opportunity to show their designs at NOLCHA Studios for 2017 NYC Fashion Week.
February 14, 2017
Check out the freestyling skills of students, faculty, and staff as Jullie and Christine show us around the "big MAC."
January 23, 2017
Faculty and staff from Stevenson University’s new Center for Student Success talk about all the resources that are available to students to help them grow academically and professionally.
January 6, 2017
Stevenson’s Brown School of Business and Leadership prepares students for today’s globalized economy, emerging technologies, and the rapid pace of change of the business world.
December 19, 2016
Stevenson Human Services professor John Rosicky discusses the program as well as how students have the opportunity to further their knowledge through travel and off-campus experiences.
December 16, 2016
Meet the 2016 Nursing Ped Cup champions who competed against their colleagues in the simulation lab to determine who had the safest behaviors.
December 12, 2016
Happy Holidays from all of us at Stevenson University!
December 8, 2016
Ingrid Tulloch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, discusses how she engages her passion for neuroscience and mathematics in the classroom to encourage psychology students to achieve their potential.
November 29, 2016
Jamie Goodall, Assistant Professor of Public History, discusses her research on how the practice of piracy positively impacted small island nations in the Caribbean, and how this research has come to benefit her students.
November 29, 2016
SU's Environmental Science Program, in conjunction with several restoration partners such the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland, work to install and analyze oyster reef balls in the Chesapeake Bay.
November 28, 2016
The SUTV students visited the Wild Stang Radio Station to check out a student-hosted radio show.
November 22, 2016
The SUTV crew finally have everything they need for a proper Thanksgiving meal....or do they?
November 17, 2016
The Stevenson University Nursing students take the Mannequin Challenge a little too literally.
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