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It's In His Blood

Logan Pretty '20
logan pretty

Logan Pretty, a junior working to earn a bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Science in 2020, turned his experiences regarding blood-work into future drive to find a career in Pathology.

During a trip to the Appalachian Mountains at age four, Pretty acquired Lyme disease from a tick bite and underwent a slew of tests during the following months to monitor his immune system and bloodwork. Additionally, from then through high school, Pretty underwent routine glucose testing to ensure he was not Type 2 Diabetes positive because he was overweight and the disease ran in his family.

Now Pretty is a healthy, optimistic student who knows the importance of seemingly simple blood tests. Instead of his medical history turning him away from the subject, the testing led him to an interest in the field and an aspiration to become a medical laboratory scientist himself, and he is excited to further hone his lab skills.

“As a student, I am getting hands-on experience in the field and putting myself out in the workforce before I graduate,” Pretty says. “In speaking to some friends at other schools, I have a rare and exciting opportunity at Stevenson to possibly work at Northwest or Sinai hospitals before I even graduate.”

With small class sizes and state-of-the-art labs, the Medical Laboratory Science program provided Pretty with the opportunity to explore how to identify and test for different microorganisms. Being mentored by his professors and getting answers to his questions that are based on their real-world experiences has already given him the knowledge and confidence to think about biochemistry on a higher level

“My favorite part of being an MLS major is working in the lab with different tests and experiments, allowing us to get hands on experience for what we will do when we graduate. I’m so drawn to my major’s studies and am interested every single day.”
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