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Creating the Connection

Jullie Thieu ’19 ’20
student jullie

Jullie has always loved the sciences, and her time at Stevenson has allowed her to find her passion—as well as her future career.

Jullie, who is working to complete a Master of Science in Forensic Science in 2020 after gaining a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 2019, decided to focus her academic energy at the crossroads of biochemistry and forensics during one particular forensic science course. With small class sizes and hands-on labs, Jullie was able to explore how to create molecular sequences and analogue protocols for cisplatin—a cancer treatment. Having the opportunity to collaborate with classmates provided Jullie with the creativity and confidence to think about biochemistry on a higher level.

“Being at Stevenson has exposed me to a variety of different opportunities such as lab research, internships, and seminars that have all helped me prepare for life after graduation," Jullie explains.

“As a biochemistry student, I get to partake in hands-on activities from research labs and biology labs to chemistry labs and more. My major positively challenges me to think outside of the box and improves my critical and analytical skills.”

Besides excelling in biochemistry, Jullie is an SUTV Anchor, an International Student Association Volunteer, and a translator for a local law firm.

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