Thinking About Living Off Campus?

In a lot of cases, the cost of living on campus in a residence hall is more affordable than living off- campus in an apartment or rental home. Your rent living on campus includes utilities like laundry, electricity, gas, water, air condition, and heating, Wi-Fi, and cable.  In most houses and apartments, you will have to pay for these in addition to your rent. Most houses and some apartments don't come furnished so that's another cost you need to add to your expenses. Living on campus also means you don't need a car and therefore won't incur travel expenses such as gas and parking. Plus, the ability to wake up and walk to your class in minutes is priceless. Most importantly university housing provides 24/7 security while many off campuses do not have that readily available.

By living on campus, students get to experience all that Stevenson has to offer, including athletic events, arts programming, and participation in a variety of student organizations without the hassle of having to drive to campus.  All of our residence halls were built within the last 15 years, assuring you the modern conveniences of home. Our residence halls will meet or exceed the offerings of off-campus apartment complexes while giving students better access to on-campus activities.

For those considering living off campus here are things we believe you should consider:

  1. You may feel more disconnected from campus. You likely won't have as many friends residing around the corner or down the hall and need to plan more intentionally to attend and participate in campus events.
  2. You need to do research on the property management company and surrounding area.
  3. Apartment complexes, may not be as flexible as a university when it comes to payment working with student and loan options
  4. You need to build in travel and parking when planning your day
  5. You have to stay more conscious on how much energy you are using as you will be paying monthly for these.

In Addition, living off campus may affect your Financial Aid!

Your award considers whether you will be living on-campus or commuting. All students considering not living on campus should contact Financial Aid to learn how changing their residency status can affect their aid.

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