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Wellness Center
11001 Owings Mills Blvd.
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: 443-352-4200
Fax: 443-352-4201

Emergency Contact
In case of life threatening emergency, dial 911.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need health insurance to attend the university or use Wellness Center services?

No. Stevenson University does not require health insurance. The Wellness Center does not accept health insurance. Charges for services are billed to student accounts. Students are encouraged to retain health insurance and carry their card with them (for referrals, lab testing, etc.). Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering a university health insurance plan. Consider the following:

What are the costs associated with an appointment?

Some of the Wellness Center fees can be found here.

What should I expect if I make an appointment with the Wellness Center?

Upon arriving to the Wellness Center, you will be asked to sign in at one of our computer kiosks. Please bring your SU ID and insurance card, if you have one. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to allow time to complete the sign in process.

Please also understand that we reserve the right to reschedule any appointment if you arrive 10 minutes late to your health appointment or 15 minutes late for your counseling appointment. Given time constraints with appointments, we do this to allow enough time for safe, quality care to be given to each patient.

How can I view a statement of my visit?

Students can view and print itemized statements from their Wellness Center visit which can be submitted to their insurance company or flex spending account for reimbursement when applicable. To view your statement, go to our Wellness Center Patient Portal at and click on the Statements tab.

What do I do if the Wellness Center has a delayed opening or is closed?

If there is a University delay or closure, the Wellness Center closes along with the University. Students should refer to the "Emergency Care" link for instructions on how to obtain care during these instances.

Do I need to complete the Student Health Profile if I am turning in other health related records to other departments?

Yes. All full-time students are required to complete the Student Health Profile. Please refer to those specific departments for any further health requirement questions, i.e. Athletics.

Do returning students need to complete the Student Health Profile every year?

No, the Student Health Profile only needs to be completed your first year at Stevenson.

However, if you were you were previously a part-time student and are now taking 12 or more credits you must complete the Student Health Form upon becoming a full-time student. If you haven't been a Stevenson University student for at least 2 years and you are reapplying for admission to Stevenson University as a full-time student, you will need to complete an updated Student Health Form.

How can I obtain my medical/health records from the Wellness Center (including immunization records)?

Complete the Consent to Release/Exchange Medical Information Form located on our Health Forms page. Please allow two to three business days for our center to fulfill your request.

Does the Wellness Center provide notes for excusal from class?

The Wellness Center staff does not issue medical excuses for academic obligations. Course requirements and attendance are academic matters between the student and the faculty. Students are advised to schedule their Wellness Center appointments outside of set class times. Students who choose to visit the Wellness Center during class time for non-serious conditions should contact their faculty by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements to complete missed assignments.

Students may request proof of a visit to the Wellness Center after a visit, or by contacting the front desk. However, this note does not determine if you will be allowed to make up a missed assignment or if your absence will be officially excused. This decision is solely the responsibility of the instructor.

Medical excuse notes are generally not issued for visits and notes will not be given for students seen outside of the Wellness Center. Medical excuses will not be issued during midterms or finals and are not given for routine conditions (colds, sore throat, upset stomach, rash, routine appointments/testing consultations, etc.). If in our medical opinion, the condition is urgent or serious, a medical excuse may be considered.

*In the event of a serious illness or injury requiring hospitalization or extended absence of 3 or more consecutive business days from classes Julie Sanz, CRNP, the Assistant Director of the Wellness Center, should be notified. The Wellness Center will assist the student and/or their family in notifying the necessary faculty once proper documentation can be supplied.

Who should I contact if I have suggestions for the Wellness Center?

Please email the Wellness Center at or call us at 443-352-4200. You may also leave feedback for us by responding to our end of semester survey.

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