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Counseling Services

From time to time, students are presented with concerns or problems that require challenging decisions and effective coping strategies.

Working with a psychologist or mental health counselor is an opportunity for students to explore issues that may be interfering with their success and happiness in college. Counseling is a confidential process designed to help students learn more about themselves, to address their concerns and problems, and to discover effective solutions.

Some of the typical concerns students may have include:

• Adjustment to college
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress
• Troubled relationships
• Test anxiety
• Substance use
• Sexual assault (Sexual Misconduct Policy)
• Identity issues
• Self-Esteem

Counseling services are free to all Stevenson University students and include short-term counseling and crisis intervention. After an initial intake appointment, the counselor will determine if the student's needs are best met by the Wellness Center staff. If a student's needs are beyond the scope of the services provided on campus, a list of community resources will be provided to the student.

The Wellness Center also offers confidential group therapy on an as-needed basis. Examples of groups may include eating disorder recovery, women's issues, and coping with anxiety.

The Wellness Center has limited psychiatric services available to students. Psychiatric consultations are provided for Stevenson University students who are actively engaged in counseling in the Wellness Center. If deemed appropriate, a referral will be made for the psychiatrist. Alternatively, students may utilize their insurance provider's list for a community referral.

Counseling services at the Wellness Center are intended to be short-term. If students are currently receiving regular mental health services, it is recommended that they obtain a local psychiatrist/psychologist/counselor to continue their treatment. The Wellness Center will be happy to assist with local referrals.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at 443-352-4200.

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