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Gaining a professional edge in today’s competitive job market is essential. Stevenson University Online’s professional development courses lets you build knowledge in new fields or enhance your expertise in your current role. Whatever your professional goals, our online non-credit courses will help get you there.

Designed by experts in their industries, Stevenson’s non-credit professional development training courses are offered online in 4-week sessions. Stevenson’s professional development courses will make you a better candidate to employers or a more results-driven colleague in your current position. You’ll build the know-how to apply what you’ve learned in the workplace.

If you’re interested in signing up for one of our online courses for professional development or even if you just want more information on our non-credit courses contact us today and get the process started!

First class begins in Spring 2023.

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Tuition: $395
Originally $465, enjoy 15% savings in celebration of our inaugural year of professional development courses

How do I enroll?

  • Navigate to your area of interest on our website and browse our selection of non-credit course offerings.

  • Click the green “Register for Class” button to register and pay for your course(s).

  • When you complete your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from the Registrar’s Office and from the Office of Information Technology with your Blackboard log-in information.

What is the admissions process and prerequisites for the professional development courses?

There is no application process and no prerequisites for enrolling in our professional development training courses.

A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is highly recommended for the best online professional development course experience, but not required.

How do I take a non-credit course?

Professional development training courses are offered entirely online through Blackboard.

Courses contain learning modules that feature class discussions, case studies, course projects, and a online tools to provide students with a thorough understanding of subject matter.

How long are the courses?

Professional development courses are offered in 4 week sessions. Students will have access to course material up to 6 weeks after the final day of the class.

What is the refund policy for these courses?

Students can withdraw for a full refund prior to the start of the course.

If you have registered for a course and would like to withdraw, email SUO-inquiry@stevenson.edu.

What will I receive to confirm that I have completed a professional development training course?

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Stevenson University Online. The professional development courses are not for credit and completion does not count towards for-credit bachelor’s, master’s, or graduate certificate courses.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions about registering for the course, email SUO-inquiry@stevenson.edu. For specific questions about your class while it is in session, contact your instructor.

Michael D. Cohen, PhD

Michael D. Cohen, PhD

Dr. Cohen is CEO of Cohen Research Group, a leading political, public affairs, and corporate research firm. He has worked in political campaigning for 25 years and as a professor for 10 years. 

Steven E. Billet, PhD

Steven E. Billet, PhD

Dr. Billet has an unparalleled record of success with nearly 40 years in the legislative and policy arena as an academic leader and an advocacy practitioner.

Strengthen Your Knowledge: Non-credit courses are designed for professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills in a specific area of interest, whether for personal or professional development purposes. Stevenson University Online’s professional development training courses are 100% online, flexible, with no prerequisites. These courses are accelerated to help you save time and money. Best of all, they allow you to apply what you learn almost immediately in your field. Non-credit courses are not applicable to a credited degree or certification.

Different Types of Online Courses for Professional Development at Stevenson University Online

Currently, Stevenson University Online offers the following professional development training courses:

  • Political Campaigning – Impact successful political campaigns through critical areas such as the lenses of campaign management and finance, campaign research, campaign media, and campaign grassroots organization. Apply important concepts in U.S. politics through non-credit professional development courses in areas that include political campaigning, advocacy, and lobbying. More than just theory – learn how to win.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying – Influence any level of government through a working understanding of successful lobbying practices. Gain the skills necessary to confidently pursue your legislative aspirations in any jurisdiction – from K Street to Main Street…from DC to your hometown.

Gain a competitive advantage in your field through Stevenson’s non-credit professional development online courses. 

  • Learn from leading experts in your areas of interest
  • Develop skills that can be applied immediately to your job
  • Expand your knowledge in areas of importance in your profession
  • Stay professionally relevant by building deep knowledge about relevant topics and issues