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Proud member of the FBI National Academy Associates' (FBINAA) Academic Alliance


Become a leader in forensics by obtaining your bachelor’s or master’s degree 100% online from Stevenson University. Our career-focused programs give individuals the knowledge and skills to combat the ever-evolving threats of cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, and online fraud.

Members of the FBINAA receive a 20% tuition reduction on our forensics programs – with no GRE or application fee required. Use your professional experience as Credit for Prior Learning and get a head start on completing your degree.

Stevenson offers a variety of forensics programs to meet a wide range of skills and interests:

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (Master of Science and Bachelor of Science)
    For experienced information technology professionals interested in the analysis of forensically collected and acquired digital evidence.

    • CYBF 644 Windows Forensic Examinations
    • CYBF 662 Network Penetration Testing
    • CYBF 685 Malware Detection, Analysis, and Prevention
  • Forensic Accounting (Master of Science)
    Assess fraud risk and adequacy of internal control structures, evaluate financial evidence, and effectively communicate findings, analysis, and conclusions during legal proceedings.

    • FSAAC 624 Fraud: Accounting
    • FSAAC 626 Investigation and Analysis: Auditing
    • FSCOR 603 Litigation Theory and Practice
  • Forensic Investigation (Master of Science)
    Conduct interviews and collect physical evidence for the purpose of presenting factually accurate and objective reports in court testimony.

    • FSINV 605 Investigative Techniques/Physical Evidence
    • FSLAW 602 Criminology
    • FSLAW 668 White Collar Crime
  • Forensic Science (Master of Forensic Science)
    For students interested in the examination of evidence through scientific instrumentation and technology, and the pertinent law used to document evidence for presentation in a court of law.

    • FSCI 610 Physical Evidence at Crime Scenes
    • FSCI 645 DNA Analysis
    • FSCI 630 Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic Studies (Master of Science)
    Prepares professionals to conduct investigations and examine evidence to present their findings in legal proceedings as experts in forensic accounting or digital forensics.

    • FSCOR 601 Foundations of Justice
    • FSCOR 603 Litigation Theory and Practice
    • FSINV 605 Investigative Techniques/Physical Evidence

Other programs that may be of interest include: Master’s in Crime Scene Investigation, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, and Bachelor’s in Legal Studies.

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