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Become a leader in forensics by obtaining your bachelor’s or master’s degree 100% online from Stevenson University. Our career-focused programs give individuals the knowledge and skills to combat the ever-evolving threats of cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, and online fraud.

Members of the FBINAA receive a 20% tuition reduction on our forensics programs – with no GRE or application fee required. Use your professional experience as Credit for Prior Learning and get a head start on completing your degree. Click to review equivalencies at Stevenson University.

Stevenson offers a variety of forensics programs to meet a wide range of skills and interests:

Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (Master of Science and Bachelor of Science)

For experienced information technology professionals interested in the analysis of forensically collected and acquired digital evidence.

Sample Courses
  • CYBF 644 Windows Forensic Examinations
  • CYBF 662 Network Penetration Testing
  • CYBF 685 Malware Detection, Analysis, and Prevention

Forensic Accounting (Master of Science)

Assess fraud risk and adequacy of internal control structures, evaluate financial evidence, and effectively communicate findings, analysis, and conclusions during legal proceedings.

Sample Courses
  • FSAAC 624 Fraud: Accounting
  • FSAAC 626 Investigation and Analysis: Auditing
  • FSCOR 603 Litigation Theory and Practice

Forensic Investigation (Master of Science)

Conduct interviews and collect physical evidence for the purpose of presenting factually accurate and objective reports in court testimony.

Sample Courses
  • FSINV 605 Investigative Techniques/Physical Evidence
  • FSLAW 602 Criminology
  • FSLAW 668 White Collar Crime

Forensic Science (Master of Forensic Science)

For students interested in the examination of evidence through scientific instrumentation and technology, and the pertinent law used to document evidence for presentation in a court of law.

Sample Courses
  • FSCI 610 Physical Evidence at Crime Scenes
  • FSCI 645 DNA Analysis
  • FSCI 630 Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic Studies (Master of Science)

Prepares professionals to conduct investigations and examine evidence to present their findings in legal proceedings as experts in forensic accounting or digital forensics.

Sample Courses
  • FSCOR 601 Foundations of Justice
  • FSCOR 603 Litigation Theory and Practice
  • FSINV 605 Investigative Techniques/Physical Evidence

Other programs that may be of interest include: Master’s in Crime Scene Investigation, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, and Bachelor’s in Legal Studies.

A Leader in Online Forensics Education

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