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patients in hospital waiting room

Our population-based care series so far has discussed a wide variety of issues, including the role of nurses, the need for patient accessibility, as well as the dangers of not adapting to an evolving healthcare landscape. For the final installment, our focus will shift to the financial aspects of population-based care, as well as how to maintain a healthy society. ...Read More

nursing taking care of elderly patient

Our previous installment of the population-Based healthcare series, we discussed what exactly population-based healthcare is, why it is needed, as well as the many dangers of not having healthcare accessibility. In this installment, we will be examining the role of nurses in today’s healthcare structure, as well as social determinants and how they factor into healthcare accessibility. ...Read More

nurse taking care of patient

This week, we are introducing a new blog series focused on population-based healthcare. The series will analyze and discuss issues regarding the current structure of healthcare in the United States and how to properly address and prevent those issues from occurring....Read More

group of healthcare management graduates

After graduating in 2016, Healthcare Management alumna, Paige Stella (pictured far left) accepted a position at Howard County General Hospital as the Administrative Manager for Johns Hopkins Emergency Medical Services. Paige credits her success to Stevenson University’s career-driven curriculum, dedicated faculty, as well as real world applications of classroom knowledge. After reaching out to Sharon Buchbinder, Ph.D. about her recent success, our School of Graduate and Professional Studies was able to speak with Paige regarding her career advancement....Read More

woman working on computer

In January, we posted a blog about how to stay productive in the New Year,...Read More

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