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As society becomes increasingly dependent on internet connectivity, the threat of criminals using the internet to further their objectives. Governments and organizations are launching counter initiatives to combat different forms of cyber attacks while criminals are latching on to advanced technologies and utilizing them to disrupt the smooth flow of information on the internet. ...Read More

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While searching for the right degree, the process may be shrouded with uncertainty as you strive to select a program that best matches your interests. Schools are constantly adding programs to fit the desires of incoming students, and even allow the blending of different programs to create a degree with a variety of academic disciplines. Interdisciplinary studies programs allow students to incorporate different disciplines and embark on an educational journey not limited to one specific major or subject....Read More

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When investigating a crime scene, even the slightest detail can make or break a case. Crime Scene Investigators and Analysts comb through scenes for DNA, fingerprints, and different forms of residue- all which are integral components of the investigative process....Read More

As anti-money laundering systems improve and law enforcement agencies become more stringent, criminals are finding creative ways to make dirty money appear legal. This unfortunately leads to students and young adults as targets for criminals due to their naivety and the appeal of easy money....Read More

forensic studies alumWhile pursuing her bachelor’s as a full-time student in Legal Studies with a minor in English, Moneé S. Hill was involved as dual athlete for Stevenson University’s dance team and women’s track and field team. Upon graduating in December 2015,...Read More

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