• Program Overview

    Explore Our Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program

    Stevenson University Online’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is designed for working adults who want to expand their business acumen through obtaining the knowledge and critical thinking skills essential to effective business decision-making.

    Our online Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree program prepares students for careers that require a broad understanding of business fundamentals. Students in the online business administration degree program will be equipped with the ability to integrate core business functions, analyze and explain business problems, and propose solutions — both independently and in teams. 

    The business administration degree program culminates with a team-based capstone project that involves students demonstrating their in-depth understanding, application, and integration of the full spectrum of business disciplines. Developed for working professionals, this program is offered fully online in 8-week sessions.

    Employment Law and Mediation Area of Focus

    Current business trends show a growing need for employees with a bachelor’s degree in business administration that are well-versed in the legal issues that affect an organization and its talent. As a result, Stevenson offers four focused electives for students interested in increasing their knowledge of employment law and mediation. 

    Students of the business administration degree program learn employer needs in the complex field of immigration law, an increasingly important component as businesses continue to expand globally. 

    Students also examine the use of mediation within the field of alternative dispute resolution including applications to employment disputes. Specific areas of focus within the online business administration degree program are optional.

    Careers for Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Graduates

    Earning an online bachelor's degree in business administration will open you up to a wealth of career opportunities including:

    • Sales Manager
    • Human Resource Manager
    • Administrative Services Manager
    • Operational Manager
    • Business Consultant
    • Management Consultant

    Some of the Courses You Could Take in the Business Administration Degree Program

    Students in the Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree program can choose from a variety of courses including: 

    • ACC 141 Managerial Accounting
    • IS 201 Management Information Systems
    • LAW 208 Business Law
    • MGT 310 Organizational Behavior
    • MGT 313 Operations Management
    • MGT 413 Project Management
    • MKT 316 Principles of Negotiation and Sales
  • Admissions / Tuition

    Admissions / Tuition

    Tuition Rate Partnership Standard
    Per Credit $360.00 $450.00
    Per Course (3-Credits) $1,080.00 $1,350.00
    • Stevenson University offers a partnership tuition rate through our relationships with local community colleges, hospitals, and organizations. A full list of our partners can be found here.
    • Stevenson University Online has simplified the cost of your education by eliminating all fees. 
    • We offer financial aid packages to those who qualify.
    • Students are eligible to transfer up to 70-credit hours from a community college or up to 90-credit hours from a 4-year institution if applicable.

    Credit for Prior Learning

    Through Stevenson University’s Credit for Prior Learning Program, undergraduate students applying to the online bachelor’s in business administration program are eligible to earn up to 30 credits for what they have learned through their previous work and life experiences. Stevenson University Online offers several options for assessing and awarding college credit for prior learning. For more information, visit our Credit for Prior Learning page.