Nadene Vevea, Ph.D., joined Stevenson University in August 2016 as the Chair of Communication Programs. Moving to Stevenson from Central Washington University, she brings over 10 years of communication experience in a variety of professional and academic settings.

Educational Background

Ph.D., Communication, North Dakota State University
Graduate Certificate, Applied Statistics, North Dakota State University
M.A., Speech Communication, Minnesota State University, Mankato
B.A., Speech Communication, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Professional Background

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I held many different positions. I managed a Best Buy store. I worked for BFI Waste Management, first in their financial services department and then in sales for the organization. My last professional position before returning to school was at Hound Dog Products, an organization that makes specialty lawn and garden tools, as the Internal Operations Manager. It was a very small company; therefore, I wore a lot of hats and had a lot of responsibilities.

What piqued your interest in the field of communication?

Communication was interesting to me because it challenged me; there is rarely a logical, black-and-white answer to issues in this field. I actually started out as a math and physics major. Honestly, the only reason I ended up in the field of communication is because of a professor. I had a great mentor who got me on this path and helped me get to where I am today.

I originally had no intention of going back and earning an advanced degree. My mentor, who convinced me to major in communication in the first place, called me and said you should apply for graduate school. I replied, “What is graduate school?” I applied and enrolled before getting a graduate teaching assistantship during my master’s program. During my second week, I discovered that this is where I belong and what I was meant to do. I love communication and enjoy that what we do in our field is necessary for all other occupations. Communication is so practical and useful, whether you are a communication student or not.

What brought you to Stevenson University?

All of the programs, classes, and faculty are really focused on experiential learning and application; I think that is really exciting. Stevenson is innovative and that’s what puts the institution ahead of other colleges and universities. From the moment students enroll, they are supported and guided which is really incredible. Stevenson is developing students into prepared, productive adults. That’s what really sold me.

What are some of your roles as an Associate Dean?

I oversee a few programs – the master’s in Communication Studies as well as the traditional and adult undergraduate Business Communication programs. In short, I assist in the development of each of these programs.

How would you describe your experience at Stevenson so far?

The people are amazing. Every single person that I have met has been incredibly warm, welcoming, and excited to work together which makes me even more excited to be here. It feels good to be a part of a passionate team.

The collaborative nature is evident as well; there is a very strong sense of pride and engagement at Stevenson. This speaks to the desire of the willingness of the Stevenson community to collaborate and ensure there is a unified mission and vision when designing and running programs. I’m honored that I was chosen to help and be a part of this team. I’m excited.

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