Bachelor’s to Master’s Option at Stevenson University

The opportunity to expedite the process of earning a master’s degree with only one additional year of study is an increasingly popular option among undergraduates. Continuing your education may evoke a sense of hesitation or contemplation; however many universities offer a bachelor’s to master’s option worth exploring. Stevenson University’s Bachelor’s to Master’s Option for example, provides a seamless transition for qualified students interested in earning both degrees in a shorter time frame.

Increased Employment Opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a 20 percent increase has occurred in the number of master’s degree required occupations in the last decade. A master’s degree not only provides a focused education, it also open the door to greater employment opportunities. Business Communication student Julia Cooke enrolled in the Bachelor’s to Master’s Option at Stevenson University to expand on her technical skills and prepare for a career in the communications industry. She notes, “By furthering my education, I am developing a comprehensive background in the field of communication. When I pair that knowledge with industry experience, I know I will have all the tools to be successful.”

Financial Reward

Pursuing an advanced degree is an investment in your future. This form of professional training aids in your professional development while increasing your financial prospects. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, there is a 30 percent increase in average annual salary. A master’s degree enables you to negotiate your salary based on your advanced knowledge and experience.

Gain Credibility

Continuing education allows you to expand upon your skills and become an expert in your chosen field. As you begin your job search, a master’s degree may give you an advantage over other candidates. Blake Ford, a senior Chemistry major, is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Forensic Science in order to gain credibility and become an expert in a field he is passionate about. He states, “A master’s degree will provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a career in forensics. Many crime labs have their employees pursue master’s degrees once they’ve been hired, so advancing my education puts me one step ahead of other job applicants.”

To learn more about the advantages of earning both degrees in a short time frame, contact Tonia Cristino at or 443-334-3336.