In 2021, Stevenson University Online launched the Dean’s Symposium series, where topics of national and international importance are addressed and discussed by faculty and other notable experts in their respective fields. The events are hosted by Dr. Ali Eskandarian, SUO Dean, who states, “I am excited to introduce this forum to share our expertise, while also adding value to the educational experiences of our students, alumni, and the larger community of Stevenson stakeholders.”

February’s symposium focused on “Current and Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity Risk Management.” With panelists from Stevenson University and Georgetown University, the discussion tackled subjects including the impact of artificial intelligence on cybersecurity and of COVID-19 on cybersecurity. Read more about the panelists, view the recording of the symposium.

Acknowledging the stress that 2020-2021 has had on individuals in the healthcare industry, “Mental Health Among Healthcare Workers” was the focus of March’s symposium. Moderated by Stevenson University Online Program Coordinators, Dr. Sharon Buchbinder and Dr. Judith Feustle, the panelists from Stevenson, Sheppard Pratt, and the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, discussed the struggles facing nurses and healthcare employees while also giving tips to cope with those issues. Dr. Buchbinder says, “At a time when we are all terrified of the virus in our midst, it is important to recall that healthcare workers go to work every day, despite their fears. This webinar shone a bright light into the importance of identifying and addressing the impact of COVID19 on the mental health of those who put their lives on the line to save others.” Read more about the panelists, view the recording of the symposium.

An additional symposium is planned for Fall 2021 in partnership with the Stevenson Career Connection Center. Stay tuned for more details.

Thank you to the panelists and moderators who contributed to the February and March Dean’s Symposium.

Current and Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity Risk Management

Panelists –

  • Frederic Lemieux, Professor of the Practice and Faculty Director of the Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management, Georgetown University
  • Kathleen Moriarty, CTO, Center for Internet Security, Georgetown University
  • Kevin Weston, Special Agent in Charge, Digital Forensics and Investigative Technology, Office of Inspector General – U.S. Agency for International Development; Adjunct Faculty, Stevenson University Online

Mental Health Among Healthcare Workers

Panelists –

  • Samuel Bierman, BS, CAP, ICADC, CNDAI, Executive Director, Co-Founder, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center
  • Stacey Hittle, RN, MS, Stevenson University, Faculty, Nursing
  • Jeff Richardson, MSW, MBA, Sheppard Pratt Health System, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Community Services

Moderators –

  • Sharon Buchbinder, RN, PhD, Stevenson University, Program Director, Master’s in Healthcare Management
  • Judith Feustle, ScD, RN, Stevenson University, Associate Dean, Nursing and Chief Nurse Administrator