Due to advances in technology, there are numerous online universities and programs available for adult students. It can prove overwhelming when choosing where to pursue your degree. At Stevenson University Online, we believe that not all online programs are created equal and encourage you to complete your research before selecting the university and program that will be the best fit for you.

Approaching Stevenson University Online as an option, you should be aware that our level of support for students is unmatched in the industry. From the moment a prospective student approaches Stevenson, they receive one-on-one guidance and support from the Enrollment Team. The team includes Enrollment Counselors, Student Success Coaches, and a Support Specialist. After the initial inquiry, a prospective student is paired with an Enrollment Counselor specific to their program of interest.

Enrollment Counselors offer prospective students a personalized experience throughout the entire admissions process and ensure they are well-informed and equipped to choose the program that is the best fit for them. The top priority for an Enrollment Counselor is helping a student identify possible obstacles they may face and the resources they can utilize to accomplish their educational goals. Forensic Science graduate Amanda Sheroke talks about her experience during the admissions process. She notes, “My Enrollment Counselor guided me through the admissions process by giving me helpful tips and advice on navigating. They were always there to answer questions, remind me of upcoming deadlines, and check in on my progress. I felt like my Enrollment Counselor helped me to stay organized and positive which ultimately helped me to be successful.”

The Enrollment Team understands that each student is unique and requires a specific level of attention. As most adult students are returning to school after a long absence, the Enrollment Counselors make themselves available to deliver the high-level of contact that may be required throughout the application and admissions process. At the same time, the team ensures prospective students are in the driver seat and are involved in the decision making process.

Upon acceptance into Stevenson University Online and their program of choice, students are transitioned from their Enrollment Counselor to a Student Success Coach. This transition includes the Enrollment Team members sharing the students’ experiences, possible obstacles, and goals at this point in the process.

In 2015, the role of the Advisor evolved to Student Success Coach with the formation of the Student Success Coach model. Within this framework, the Coaches take a fully student-centered approach and serve not only as an advisor, but also as a guide for the students to successfully maneuver and strategize overcoming obstacles in the way of their education. Starting at the first meeting, the Coaches work with students to devise a degree plan that is customized to their goals and accommodates their work schedules, financial situations, and familial and personal obligations. Legal Studies graduate Stephanie Tyron explains the valuable impact her Student Success Coach made during her journey at Stevenson. She says, “My Student Success Coach was absolutely stellar…they spent significant time with me going over a schedule of classes that would work for me. My Coach constantly offered words of encouragement and at any time answered any small question I would have, be it about credits, course information, making changes to my schedule, or to just reach out and check to see how things were going. I always felt confident I was on the correct path within the program and was able to graduate within my set time frame.”

Along with the support provided by Stevenson University Online, it is important to note that at any time if a student wishes to come to campus they have the ability to do so because Stevenson is a brick and mortar campus. Students are welcome to meet with their Enrollment Counselor or Student Success Coach in-person and can even come to campus to talk with faculty members who head the programs and instruct in the online environment.

If you are interested in learning more about our career-focused programs, please contact us at suo-inquiry@stevenson.edu or 1-877-531-7118.