Community leaders are passionate, driven, and want to make a difference in the world one way or another. Stevenson University Online’s Community Based Education and Leadership (CBEL) program empowers these changemakers to serve their communities in traditional and non-traditional education settings.

Amanda Klein, Adjunct Faculty for this program says, “Community-level work in education does not fit neatly within one academic discipline. CBEL provides a home to people who want to study this particular niche and use what they learned to have a positive, practical impact on the world …. I think CBEL appeals to the type of people who are really passionate about serving their communities and are looking for meaningful and innovative ways to create change.”

It goes without saying that the individuals who pursue a CBEL degree are unique, and graduates have found success in many fields with a variety of organizations. Dr. Lisa Moyer, Program Coordinator for the program says, “We have students who are working with inner city youth. We have students who are heading up huge nonprofit organizations. We have afterschool educators and environmental educators. Whatever the field is, they are really passionate about wanting to make a difference in that, and in the world.”

Below are some of many career pathways that CBEL students may pursue:

Community School Coordinator: In CBEL students learn to foster collaboration between educational institutions and community organizations. This makes graduates a good fit for the role of community school coordinator as the primary task is connecting education to the community.

Youth Development Specialist: Youth Development Specialists coordinate and supervise programs, events, and operations to help adolescents determine their personal interests and abilities. CBEL gives graduates the capacity to engage in learning experiences that promote creativity, and communication skills of learners.

Athletics Coach: Athletic coaches organize athletes and teach them the fundamentals of a sport. They must have strong leadership skills within groups while also providing personal support to individual athletes. CBEL graduates have the tools to work with students on areas that can benefit them in and out of the sport, like problem resolution, participation, sportsmanship-like behavior, and more.

Non-profit Manager: Non-profit management and leadership professionals work administratively or in the field for a wide range of not-for-profit organizations. CBEL graduates possess the skills and knowledge to be in a leadership position, overseeing the financial, operational or other responsibilities in the organizations.

Higher Education Professional: The field of higher education has a very broad range of roles. CBEL students are able to fill several of these through the wide range of knowledge attained in the program.

Stevenson University Online is proud to offer a Master’s in Community-Based Education and Leadership, a program that supports individuals seeking to teach, lead, and manage in non-formal and informal education settings.