In today’s workforce, leadership skills have never been more important. Brandon Hall Group’s Leadership Development 2016 survey found that 77 percent of organizations are experiencing a leadership gap. With this gap, organizations are searching for individuals with the skills and knowledge to successfully lead employees and teams.

By pursuing your master’s degree or certificate you can strengthen your leadership skills in your field and stand out in the pack. Stevenson University Online’s master’s and certificate programs below can help you gain leadership traits needed in today’s economy.

Business & Technology Management

Being a leader means that you are adept at motivating your employees and inspiring them to go the extra mile. Stevenson’s master’s in Business & Technology Management provides students with managerial training in how to motivate employees to achieve superior performance and production through building upon the principle that employees are the most valuable asset to an organization.

Communication Studies

A vital component of a successful leader is the ability to effectively communicate. Stevenson’s Communication Studies master’s program translates fundamental ideas of communication into real-world applications. Students will develop their skills in evaluating and creating solutions to conflicts that occur within organizations. Graduates will also be equipped to assist organizations in constructing successful team-building strategies.

Community-Based Education & Leadership

In Stevenson’s Community-Based Education & Leadership master’s and certificate programs, students are expected to demonstrate critical elements of leadership and management necessary to build transformative learning communities. The leadership-focused courses have students explore leaders as change agents who build, broker, and leverage community assets to empower others and grow capacity in community-based organizations.

Healthcare Management

Stevenson’s Healthcare Management master’s and certificate programs dive into numerous aspects of leadership and are firmly grounded in a nationally recognized framework of Healthcare Leadership and Management Competencies. These include management, organizational goal attainment, self-assessment, systems-thinking, and planning and implementing. Graduates will be able to lead and manage organizational change in diverse environments.


The ability to problem solve is a key trait for a leader. The master’s in Nursing program’s Nursing Leadership/Management concentration includes analyzing managerial difficulties in healthcare and providing resource solutions. This concentration promotes best business management practices that promote quality and safety to improve the health of our citizens. Graduates will be able to apply leadership theories and principles of human resource management to improve and promote nursing care.

Leadership skills are transferable to any field or industry and can be gained through one of our leadership-focused Stevenson University Online master’s and certificate programs. If you are interested in pursuing your degree and advancing your leadership skills, please contact us or 1-877-531-7118.