Prior to graduating in December 2016, Grace Camson accepted a position as the Manager of Practice Operations at Skills on the Hill Pediatric Occupational Therapy. She credits the support of faculty in the Healthcare Management program to her success in her job search. We had the opportunity to chat with Grace, and our conversation went as follows:

Why did you choose to pursue your master’s in Healthcare Management?

I chose to pursue master’s in Healthcare Management because I wanted to learn modern concepts and strategies in the field; develop my technical skills; and, ultimately, enhance my knowledge, allowing me to become an efficient healthcare leader or manager.

Healthcare in United States is very complex and demanding; conditions and community needs change frequently across the nation as well as across the globe. For this reason, I made an effort to enhance my discipline expertise in healthcare management. I believe that enrolling in a program such as Healthcare Management satisfies the need to be competitive, function effectively, and to justify future roles in healthcare industry.

How did this degree prepare you for your career?

The master’s program offers lessons focused on leadership competencies and ideal attributes. This degree honed my analytical thinking and communication skill; influenced perspectives, work attitudes, and ethical values; and increased my self-esteem. The knowledge I gained in the program enabled me to effectively evaluate and address cases using academic concepts and leadership models.

The Healthcare Management program’s structured curriculum, innovative methodologies, and comprehensive instruction helped me in developing particular skillsets and behavior applicable to quality improvement and project management within healthcare organizations. My master’s equipped me with confidence and substantial knowledge of the industry.

How did the faculty and staff help you reach your education or career goals?

My educational journey was a humbling experience overall; transitioning from a different cultural and educational background to a new environment was challenging. The requirements of the program and the rigorous work it demands intimidated me. Nonetheless, I am grateful to Dr. Sharon Buchbinder and other staff members who demonstrated support and motivation since the beginning of this voyage. From the application, interview, admission, and course sessions; and throughout the duration of the program, they inspired me to go the extra mile. I have received both notable remarks and constructive criticisms in course assignments and performance that helped identify personal strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

The Healthcare Management faculty and staff helped me tremendously in my education and career endeavors. In fact, Dr. Buchbinder and some professors agreed to be included in my reference list for work applications – actually, Dr. B. was one of my references for the organization I am now working for. The faculty encouraged me to challenge myself and continue working hard to achieve professional goals as well as personal aspirations in life.

What is the most important lesson you learned from your experience at Stevenson?

The most valuable lesson I learned from my experience at Stevenson is determination. A famous proverb says, “Nothing is impossible, if you just believe.” Certainly, faith and the hope to succeed will propel perseverance. A few times during the program, I struggled to meet the expectations of my professors and the program. Yet, I accepted mistakes with sincerity and moved forward. As time went by, I learned to brave life situations and work relentlessly, as if every day is my last. I often remind myself the time I vowed during admission interview that I will do my very best not to disappoint my professors nor the program, and that I hope to represent Stevenson University with moral integrity. I always bring with me these important lessons and life principles I desire to impart on to others.

How has earning your degree in Healthcare Management impacted your life?

Earning a degree in Healthcare Management gave me a sense of fulfillment and pride. Being the first to earn a graduate degree in my family is such a great accomplishment and blessing. I got a job recently that saw me realize a piece of my collected dreams. I enjoy working in this industry and am enthusiastic about the continued expansion. I am aware of the promising future this degree assures, and I am more than thrilled applying and sharing learned knowledge and skills for a good purpose. I am honored to be a product of a prestigious institution that truly articulated its mission of nurturing individuals that have passion for learning; upholds social responsibility, and aims to serve well the community.

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