As a Forensic Autopsy Technician with a passion for the Forensics field, Raven Malcorvojic wanted to pursue her master’s degree in forensic science in order to become a more well-rounded, educated Autopsy Technician and ultimately a published author. She enrolled in Stevenson University Online’s Master’s of Forensic Science program in the Spring of 2022, with plans to graduate in 2024.

As a Forensic Autopsy Technician, Ravens says, “There is so much that I do, it is difficult to put into a short paragraph.” Her responsibilities include: performing autopsies with a doctor present, taking photos, collecting and processing evidence, utilizing digital imaging and x-rays to identify individuals, and more.

Raven says of her work, “I like knowing that I help write the last chapter of someone’s live and find closure for loved ones and family, as well as justice. Knowing that I am a behind-the-scenes person makes me feel that I contributed to the community and helped the pain of someone’s passing a little easier to manage.”

With two semesters in her master’s program complete, Raven has come closer to her goal of being more knowledgeable about different aspects of forensics. Raven states, “It has helped me understand other departments better, as well as be more aware on subjects I have been lacking.”

Raven’s advice to other working professional interested in pursuing an online degree includes:

  • “Make sure you have the time and manage it well.”
  • “There are many resources the school provides, make sure you use them and if you aren’t aware of your advisor [Student Success Coach], they are your best source of information!”
  • “Try to make a classmate pal to speak with if you’re having difficulties or want to vent. We’re all in this together and sometimes a good classmate can be that, as each class always has an introduction section where you can feel out who that might be for you.”

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