With over 20 years of professional experience in healthcare administration, accounting, finance, and project analysis, Dr. Trina Armstrong, BBA, MBA, was a natural fit for Stevenson University Online when it established the Healthcare Management master’s program in 2012. She has been an adjunct professor since then and is currently teaching Managerial Epidemiology and Statistics.

With her extensive and diverse experience and knowledge of the field Dr. Armstrong is able to pull from a wide range of experiences and anecdotes to better educate and advise students in her virtual classroom. As someone who is inspired by strong women such as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, Dr. Armstrong is not one to shy away from continuous learning and approaching new opportunities. As such, Dr. Armstrong looks to “exemplify emotional intelligence and leadership competencies that align with the leadership competencies the HCM program at SUO was designed to develop in its adult learners. Professionalism, ethical standards, and cultural diversity are to name a few of those competencies. “

Dr. Armstrong’s’ Healthcare Management Ins and Outs:

Job Fulfillment: “The most fulfilling aspect of my job is when I believe I break down financial information to where even the most financially challenged person can comprehend the story the data reveals. Numbers tell a story.”

Challenges: “The most challenging aspect of my job is when I find an individual has a mental block to understanding financial information. It is hard to convey or clarify information when an individual is not receptive.”

Goals: One main goal I would like to achieve is to become more involved with healthcare research. I enjoy getting to the root cause of problems to propose alternative solutions. I believe conducting healthcare research is consistent with performing financial analyses. “

Dr. Armstrong’s Outlook on SUO’s Healthcare Management Program

Program Benefits: The benefits of the HCM program include ease in assessing course material, faculty commitment to student learning, sharing of practical work experiences, and preparation for roles in a complex and dynamic industry. The HCM program was designed to address cultural diversity, ethical standards, professionalism, and leadership competencies. Additional benefits of the HCM program are student discussions and a cohort community desiring the same end goal.”

To potential HCM students: “Remain passionate about obtaining the degree to stay committed and on course. Sacrifices will be made; however, with proper planning and effective time management, school work can get done without causing an individual to spend too much time away from family and friends. I would tell an individual considering the HCM program ‘you got this’.”

Keys to Success as an HCM Student:

  • Manage Time: Students who wait until the last minute to begin assignments usually make poor choices and may not necessarily do their best work. So, allow the time needed to do a good job.
  • Stay Organized: Being organized is freeing and allows for clarity of thoughts. Know what’s due by when.
  • Communication: Communicate with your professor as soon as you are aware of a problem, conflict, or need clarification about an assignment. The professor is committed to student success, but students can’t receive help if the professor doesn’t know there is a problem.