Throughout my academic career, I always had a joy for learning. Once I began as a freshman at Stevenson University, my yearning for knowledge only skyrocketed and nothing could stop me from creating a valuable educational career. During my eagerness to satisfy my hunger for knowledge at Stevenson, I discovered the Bachelor’s to Master’s Option. My future plans included earning my master’s degree, however I never thought I would be able start as an undergraduate student.

When I learned of the great benefits of cost and time, I immediately wanted to know more. The ability to enroll in graduate courses at the undergraduate price, as well as the chance to minimize the time involved earning my masters seemed like a great opportunity for an ambitious learner like myself. Yet, I was unsure and nervous to experience a heavier workload and the pressures of master’s courses. In an effort to become more comfortable, I attended multiple information sessions, spoke to students who were currently in the Bachelor’s to Master’s Option, and talked to multiple faculty members.

During this time, I was able to experience the assistance and patience that Stevenson University Online provides their students. No matter how many times I requested to speak to my Enrollment Counselor, Tonia Cristino, and no matter how many information sessions and meetings I attended, the faculty treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Any question I had was thoroughly answered and from a very informative standpoint. Though I did extensive research before making my final decision to enroll in the Communication Studies master’s program, I knew from the first information session that this option was a great fit for me.

Aligning with Stevenson’s focus on Career Architecture, earning my masters would increase my competitiveness in the job market, while also deepening my knowledge in the field of communications. Currently, I am taking my second course in the Communication Studies master’s program and I can say without a doubt that this has been one of the most valuable and enriching academic experiences. With the program fully online, I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with professors and peers digitally, which will be a great skill upon entering the workplace after graduation. The professors are so responsive and easy to get in contact with when assistance is needed, that it almost seems as if you are in actual classroom. Valuable skills, great professors, and a manageable yet challenging workload add to the program’s value and academic achievement.

As a senior who just graduated in May, I feel confident that I have successfully positioned myself to stand out against competitors in the job market. I am also confident that my education in both the undergraduate and graduate programs will continue to provide value in all facets of my life from now throughout the future. If you are considering enrolling into Stevenson’s master’s program traditionally or through the Bachelor’s to Master’s Option, I would encourage you to take that step that will lead to personal, academic, and career success.