Before Lisa Moyer came to Stevenson University to lead the graduate education programs, she created an extensive portfolio for herself in the world of education. First teaching in Virginia public schools for 17 years and then completing her Ph.D. in Integrative STEM (I-STEM) Education at Virginia Tech, she then went on to be a postdoc assistant in developing I-STEM Education and then worked as a research postdoc in Engineering Education. She currently holds National Board Certification (Middle Childhood Generalist), an Ed.S. in Administration and Supervision, an M.Ed. in Diverse Student Populations, and a B.A. in religion (comparative) and NK-6 teacher certification. With her extensive education background, she fit right into her role at Stevenson University as a program director who facilitates, co-creates, and grows innovative educational opportunities for Stevenson students.

Dr. Moyer directs the Master’s in Community-Based Education and Leadership (CBEL) program, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, and the Master’s in Education – Integrative Learning (MEd) program. She explains:

  • The CBEL program is extremely unique as it is designed to grow the knowledge and skills of non-formal or informal educators. This is a special type of program at Stevenson because there are very few like it in the country.

  • The MAT program has a unique integrative STEM focus that makes it possible for students to earn Maryland teacher certification in middle or high school science or math while also practicing 21st century pedagogical concepts.

  • The MEd program is designed for practicing educators and that it has a community focus that offers three unique pathways which incorporate some of the best courses from CBEL, MAT, Literacy, and other programs.

With any of Stevenson University Online’s education master’s programs, students will receive a personalized and community-focused experience that will help lead them in their path to success. Dr. Moyer states, “We all work together to foster your success. This is something people do not expect to see in an online learning environment. In our courses, you have opportunities to really get to know your professors and peers. You become a family and help each other learn and grow.” Dr. Moyer attributes Stevenson University’s reputation for graduating world-class educators as a reason that approximately 100% of students in the MAT program secure employment during their internships.

Dr. Moyer offers advice to online students sharing that it helps to be organized, self-disciplined, and to try connecting with professors, peers, and student success coaches is important – reach out whenever you need help, Stevenson University is here to support you! She says, “Our asynchronous online programs make it possible for busy adults to balance work, life, and family while learning new skills and achieving their goals. I’m not saying the journey is easy, but it is possible, and so rewarding!”