The mark of an exceptional leader in any industry is the ability to communicate effectively. A master’s in Communication Studies is an extremely valuable tool for individuals seeking a leadership role in their field or organization. Once these skills are learned and obtained, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading to learn more about the various industries and positions Communications Studies graduates can explore.

Careers in Business

Effective, ethical communication is a vital tool for business professionals. By employing this practice in the workplace, employees are able to build and maintain relationships; ensure transparency; and guarantee success for an organization. With enhanced communication capabilities, there is a greater opportunity for promotion in managerial roles and executive-level positions. Some positions in this sector include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational Consultant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Management Analyst
  • Corporate Communication Director

Careers in Communications and Media

The essential public speaking, interpersonal, writing, and problem-solving skills that are developed and enhanced with a master’s in Communications Studies make graduates ideal candidates for positions in advertising, marketing, public relations, and media. As a liaison between an organization and outside parties, individuals in a position of this nature are responsible for tasks pertaining to representation and promotion of their employer. These positions include:

Careers in Education

Communication is essential to educating others and ensuring their success. This skill is imperative; communication is applied to all programs of study and serves all individuals associated with a school or school system. Imparting lessons and explaining concepts is the basis of education and are as quintessential in the classroom as they are out of the classroom. There are a variety of arenas in the field, including teaching, leading, and supporting roles. Communication studies can be applied to the following occupations:

  • Administrator
  • Educational Advisor
  • Communications and Public Affairs Director
  • Program Coordinator
  • College Professor

Careers in Law

Typically, those in the law industry obtained their undergraduate degree in political science, journalism, legal studies, criminal justice, or related fields. Those interested in pursuing an organizational role in law, can benefit from furthering their development of interpersonal and analytical skills. The emergence of communication in law is nothing new; many universities are now offering a joint degree that combines both disciplines. If you have considered this sector, potential career opportunities include:

  • Lawyer
  • Legislative Aide
  • Law Librarian
  • Public Information Officer
  • Campaign Manager

If you are looking to enhance your communication and management skills, Communication Studies may be the program for you. No matter your industry or position, a degree in this subject matter can have a significant effect on your career. For more information, contact Amanda Millar at