Stevenson University Online had the opportunity to speak with Business and Technology Management alumnus Adrian Russo about his recent successes.

For several years I worked as a technical recruiter and was faced with the challenges and issues that burden all in the recruiting and staffing industry. There is such a lack of understanding of technology within the industry and it’s frustrating for both hiring managers and technicians. I chose to pursue my master’s at Stevenson University because decided I wanted to learn more about technology to become a better recruiter.

Everything within my current career is directly related to the Business and Technology Management program outcomes. The program taught me to look at challenges in the industry from a strategic point of view. Applying what I learned, I evaluated a problem in the recruiting and staffing industry and developed a solution to resolve the issue. Upon realizing there were some recruiting techniques that could be automated to save time, I created an application that uses an algorithm to search the web for specific hiring requirements. This application enables us to discover results that cannot be found through using Google or other search engines. Developing this solution speaks to a program objective that involves alleviating issues with technology and implementing those solutions.

When I originally created the application, I only intended to use it internally. However, the application gained interest even outside of the recruiting industry from venture capitalists to other organizations. I was offered a large sum to sell the application but chose not to sell and instead I started a technical staffing and recruiting solutions company, Equip Solutions Group. Through these experiences, I have gained notoriety in the staffing industry and have been asked to be the “Global Technical Recruiting Expert” for a TV show called Top Recruiter Season 5 North America vs. Europe. I was also cast in a featured role in a movie titled The Art of Recruiting as a featured part. The filming takes place in London for three weeks in July.

From day one at Stevenson University, my experience was very positive. I had constant guidance from the staff and faculty, especially from the Business and Technology Management Program Coordinator, Steve Engorn. The faculty at Stevenson is second to none and I have never been taught by faculty that was so high-level within their industry. Stevenson provided me with the opportunity and knowledge required to succeed. The Business and Technology Management program along with Steve opened a lot of doors for me that would never have been available elsewhere. Steve was truly instrumental in my success and helped me throughout the entire program. Stevenson University Online did a phenomenal job of getting me to a point in my career that I could have never dreamed was possible.

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