Natalie Gorrell, a Dental Hygienist, recognized the benefits that a bachelor’s degree would provide in expanding her professional opportunities in her field. Natalie describes her work as, “a fast-paced work environment that involves putting people first as the primary goal.” A degree would further assist her in demonstrating her passion and devotion to providing excellent healthcare.

After researching SUO’s benefits, Natalie knew it would provide the flexibility she needed for her schedule and lifestyle. As for her major, it also wasn’t difficult for her to decide on the Professional Studies program. Natalie states “[the] Professional Studies track offered well-rounded and diverse classes in communication, management, and leadership coursework.” A degree completion program, the Bachelor’s in Professional Studies gives students the opportunity to utilize transfer credits and Credit for Prior Learning towards their degree.

As a ‘21 SUO graduate, Natalie can attest that the program has benefitted her professionally, sharing “I have expanded my communication, writing and collaboration abilities… [it] created a foundation to grow outside of my clinical skills and knowledge to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Natalie is now equipped with the professional credentials and experience she needs to advance in her career and reach further towards her aspirations in healthcare. She shares that now she has more self-confidence in her ability to pivot to other creative solutions when helping solve team problems. She offers a piece of advice to those considering pursuing an online degree saying, “Just do it! You will never be more proud of yourself nor regret bettering your education. So, take the jump in exploring new challenges and growth opportunities!”