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Confidential Resources

On Campus Resources

Wellness Center
Stevenson’s Mental Health Counselors and Health Care Professionals in the Wellness Center are able to provide care and support.    Call 443-352-4200 to make an appointment.

Off Campus Resources

TurnAround, Inc.
TurnAround provides a 24-hour sexual violence hotline (443-279-0379).  Their mission is to provide counseling and support services to victims of rape, incest, and domestic violence.

Victim’s Resource Brochure

Reporting Options

While there is no time deadline for making such a report, the earlier the better as important information or evidence may become unavailable due to delayed reporting. It is also recommended that a report be made by the reporter in writing.

Title IX Coordinator
Dave Jordan

Security Office

Vice President, Student Affairs
Tiffany Sanchez

Sexual Harassment Title IX Policy

Reporting Obligations

All employees at Stevenson University (e.g. faculty, staff, and resident assistants) to whom a report is made must then report the incident to Campus Security (443-352-4500, Ratcliffe Community Center, Owings Mills Campus), including identifying information about the parties involved. This information will then be communicated to the Title IX Coordinator and, in the case when students are involved, to the Dean of Students. As noted above, confidential care and support is available through Stevenson University’s Wellness Center.

Report Here

Sexual Misconduct Report Form