Visitor Policy

This Emergency Policy was implemented due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the university will limit visitors to the situations referenced below. A visitor is defined as an individual who is not a current employee or student of the university.

All visitors must comply with university practices on physical distancing and face coverings. Visits should take place outdoors or in areas that permit physical distancing.

  • Vendors who have contracted with the university may visit campus to deliver goods and services.
  • Guest lecturers and presenters who are experts in their field may visit under the aegis of a faculty member, academic department or university office.
  • Prospective students and their families may visit under the aegis of the admissions office and a university department.
  • Volunteers pre-approved to assist with university academic or operational functions may visit under the direction of a supervisor.
  • Spectators may attend athletic events, subject to the attendance limits and safety measures promulgated by the Athletic Department.
  • The procedures for student guests are presented in the Residence Hall Guidelines.

Visitors who violate this policy, either by visiting for reasons other than those listed above, visiting without prior approval in situations where prior approval is required, or refusing to adhere to visitor safety instructions, may be escorted from the property, banned from future visits, and/or subjected to criminal penalties, if applicable.

(Updated April 2021)