Other University Policies

The policies listed below are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all other University policies. However, it has been designed to call students’ attention to specific policies that students frequently ask about. It is the responsibility of the student to review, understand and comply with all University policies and procedures.

  • Bulletin Boards
  • Children on Campus
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Residence Life Guidelines and Procedures
  • Vehicle Registration and Parking Regulations

BULLETIN BOARDS(Source: Volume II – Campus Community Policy Manual)

Official Bulletin Boards

There are “Official Bulletin Boards” located in each classroom building. Only “Official Notices,” approved by the Office of Student Activities, should be placed on these bulletin boards. There are additional “Official Bulletin Boards” placed in hallway areas and marked as such. The same regulations apply. The criteria used in determining official notices are: the information issues from an official of the University; it is of University-wide importance; its effect is long-range (one year, or permanent); non- knowledge of the information carries a sanction or long-range effect.

Department Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards relevant to academic/staff department* activities are assigned by the Office of Student Activities to a designated individual who is responsible for the design, periodic review and maintenance of the Bulletin Board. These academic-oriented displays should be neat, current, and attractive throughout the year, including summer. No commercial items (for-profit), other than opportunities such as graduate school admissions testing support, should be placed. Such items are subject to removal. Materials may not be placed on hallway walls, windows or doors. Faculty may post items on their own doors.

Student Bulletin Boards

Clubs/Student Organizations* The Office of Student Activities will assign Bulletin Boards to specific organizations. The designs and lettering should be neat, with correct spelling/grammar and maintained as current and attractive throughout the calendar year. No commercial items are to be placed on these assigned sites without the approval of Student Activities. Failure to maintain the site appropriately will result in the loss of the organization’s use of the Bulletin Board.

Specific Student Display Bulletin Boards* The Office of Student Activities designates specific sites for placement of student-oriented classified ads (roommates/jobs/classified etc.) Students may post items appropriately. The items should be dated at time of placement. The Office will monitor these Bulletin Boards and reserves the right to remove any item it deems inappropriate to the University.

*Standards for all Bulletin Board Displays include use of a header and printed (not hand) lettering, contact information for responsible person(s); use of a background material and border suggested but not required. Boards may not be used for the purpose of any form of solicitation.

Temporary Signage Policy

Student-prepared flyers/banners/posters.

Items advertising events, directions or accomplishments should be reviewed prior to posting and initialed by the Office of Student Activities. NO signs or notices may be posted on entrance doors, with the exception of an official notice posted by a University official regarding a University emergency. No flyers are to be placed on any window, door, in restrooms, painted surfaces or floors. Approved posters and notices must be removed within one week after the event. Non-approved posters and notices will be removed.

Staff/Academic Department flyers/banners/posters.

Flyers and posters for athletic events, alumni activities, admissions and career services events, cultural affairs, etc. must be reviewed by each department head for correct spelling and compliance with the Guide to Publication Style & Graphic Standards. The departments are responsible for removing the signage in a timely manner. The Office of Marketing and Digital Communications will assist with external professional signage as requested by individual departments if there is an approved budget. Banners to be placed across the central quadrangle area on the Greenspring campus will be scheduled through the Office of Marketing and Digital Communications before ordering and will be placed by the Facilities Department. These will be limited to special University events of a general nature (e.g., SU Homecoming and Family Weekend).

Owings Mills Residence Hall Posting Policy

Bulletin Boards are installed in the central area of each floor in the residence halls and suites. Boards are to be used for posting of information for residents as well as passive educational programs each month (i.e., AIDS, STDs, diversity, etc.). Residence Life staff will post all flyers. Offices or individuals should bring the flyers(s) to the Office of Residence Life in the Ratcliffe Community Center for approval and posting by RAs. RAs will remove outdated flyers. Flyers will be posted only on bulletin boards. Use of hallway walls, windows, glass doors, elevators, laundry rooms, and rest room areas are prohibited for posting of flyers. Glass doors at the building entrances and elevator doors will be used only in emergency situations by Residence Life staff to announce notices affecting residential living (temporary power outages, water issues, etc.). Display of commercial materials is subject to approval by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life. Parking lots are private property. Solicitation and placement of flyers on cars is strictly prohibited.

Plasma Screens Policy

The University has installed several plasma screens in the student unions and other locations for the purpose of coordinating accurate and time-sensitive information on student-related activities and news. Promotion of club activities is encouraged, with the policy of club event details to be provided via Club Event and Proposal forms coordinated by the Student Activities Office and online using the website address. Events will be developed into PowerPoint format by the Office and posted by 9 a.m. on a current day. The order of sequence is events for current day preceding events for current week and future weeks. Corrections will be made by contacting the Student Activities office. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation will be transferred to the Owings Mills Center. Saturday presentations will be coordinated by the Residence Life Office.

CHILDREN ON CAMPUS (Source: Volume II – Campus Community Policy Manual)

Stevenson University values family and work/life balance. The University encourages families to participate in university-sponsored family activities and to attend community events such as plays, sports competitions, art openings, etc. However, the presence of children in the workplace with the employee or in the classroom with the faculty or student parent/caregiver is discouraged and should be avoided except in emergency situations. Moreover, under no circumstances may a child be left unsupervised by a caregiver, and the caregiver of a disruptive child will be asked to remove the child from the campus.

The University is an environment that is conducive to work and learning; therefore, this policy is established to avoid disruptions in learning and in job duties of employees and co-workers, to reduce property liability, and to help maintain the University’s professional work and learning environment.

If bringing a child to work or class seems unavoidable, the employee or student parent/caregiver must contact his/her/their supervisor or professor as soon as possible to discuss the situation. Factors the supervisor or professor will consider are the age of the child, how long the child needs to be present, the work or classroom environment in the parent’s/caregiver’s area, and any possible disruption to the employee’s and co-workers’ work and to other students. Consideration will not be given to allowing a child with an illness to come to work or school with the employee or student parent/caregiver.

Eligible faculty and employees are encouraged, when necessary, to use their Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) benefits for qualifying circumstances as outlined on the Department of Labor website. The employee should refer to the University’s FMLA policy and contact his/her/their supervisor for additional information when scheduling FMLA leave.


Stevenson University’s FERPA Policy is available in on the Registrar’s Office portal page.


In addition to the above policies, students living in on-campus residence halls are expected to comply with all Residence Life Guidelines and Procedures.


The following regulations have been designed for the general safety of the campus community. These regulations apply to all students, faculty, and staff members of Stevenson University. All rules and regulations will be enforced.

General Information

Pedestrians at intersections and designated crosswalks have the right-of-way at all times. The maximum speed limit on roadways and in all parking areas on all campuses is 15 miles per hour. Traffic signs have been installed for protection and safety. Please drive with extreme caution for your safety and the safety of others. Security will issue citations for any violations.

Registration of Personal Vehicles

All personal vehicles that will be parked regularly on the Stevenson University property must be registered within five (5) days of arrival at the University.

Students may register their personal vehicle and obtain a parking hangtag at the Security Desk in the Ratcliffe Community Center on the Owings Mills campus.

Everyone is required to show an SU identification card and the state vehicle registration card to register a vehicle.

Parking Regulations – Owings Mills Campus

Resident students may park in the areas that are adjacent to the apartments and suite buildings as well as the Mustang Stadium parking lot on the Owings Mills campus. Resident students may NOT park in the following parking lots:

  • Caves Wellness & Sports Center
  • Garrison Hall
  • Brown School of Business & Leadership

Commuter students are permitted to park anywhere on the Owings Mills campus with the exception of areas that are adjacent to the residential apartments and suite buildings.

General visitors to the Owings Mills campus can park in any unrestricted parking area. Guests of resident students should register their vehicle with Campus Security in the Gate House after 8:00 p.m. and park in the Rockland Center parking lot.

Parking Regulations – Greenspring Campus

Resident and Commuter students are permitted to park in any unrestricted general parking area on the Greenspring campus. Restricted areas include but are not limited to:

  • Cottage Lane
  • Administration area
  • Faculty areas
  • Visitor areas on the front circle
  • Visitor areas in front of Knott Hall

Parking or driving is prohibited on grass plots, tree plots, construction areas, or where it will physically mar the landscaping of the campus, create a safety hazard, interfere with the use of University facilities or hinder the free movement of traffic.

General visitor parking on the Greenspring campus is located on the front circle of the University with a two-hour time limit. These reserved spaces are not to be used by students or employees of the University.

Handicapped Parking

Maryland Law and Stevenson University policy restricts the use of handicapped spaces to individuals with special needs.

Persons with special needs are requested to register their vehicles with Campus Security so that arrangements can be made to assure that an appropriate parking space is available for them while attending classes at Stevenson University.

Temporary handicapped permits are available to members of the community for short and long term convalescence. Permits are issued by a Security Supervisor.


Fee Schedule for Parking Violations:

  • General parking violations: $50.00 for each offense.
  • Parking in handicapped spaces: Fine as posted on signage.
  • Moving violations including speed, failure to stop at stop signs, etc.: $75.00 for each offense.
  • Failure to register a vehicle: $100.00
  • Fines must be paid to Student Accounts within 30 days from the date the ticket was issued. If the fine is not paid within 30 days, transcripts will be withheld until payment is received. After the initial 30 days, a notice will be sent to the violator’s home.
  • Any violation that requires a Maryland State Motor Vehicle record check will have a surcharge of $35.00 added to the fine.
  • Citations may be appealed.


Members of the University wishing to appeal a citation should submit a copy of the citation and three (3) copies of a typewritten appeal to the Security Director describing in detail why the fine is being appealed. The appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date of the violation notice. Appeals should be addressed to: Security Director, Stevenson University, 1525 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson, Maryland 21153.

The Citation Appeals Board will convene about once a month to consider written appeals. Decisions will be by majority vote of the Board. A written memo will be sent to the appellant stating the decision of the Board. All decisions are final.