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Separation from Employment

Voluntary Resignation And Notice 

Given the at-will relationship between the University and its employees, an employee may resign, retire or be dismissed at any time. Employees who plan to resign or retire should submit a notification letter to their supervisor as appropriate following the guidelines set forth below.  

Employment Classification 


Executives, Administrators, and Faculty  

Four months or the beginning of the employee’s last academic semester 

Exempt Staff 

One month 

Non-exempt Staff 

Two weeks 

Failure to provide notice in accordance with this policy may result in ineligibility for rehire. 

Use of leave after notice of resignation or retirement is at the discretion of the supervisor. In any case, the employee must work their last day of employment. The employee cannot extend their employment by indicating their last day as a holiday, personal, sick and safe, or vacation leave day. If this is the scenario, the employee’s last day will be adjusted to reflect the last day they worked for the University.  

Full-time faculty who leave mid-contract will have their compensation pro-rated.

Involuntary Termination 

At its discretion, the University may elect not to renew the employment of an existing employee at the end of an appointment period, if any, or to dismiss an employee at any time. Employment at Stevenson University is at will.

(Approved Feb. 2021)

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