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Safety Policy (Emergency Policy Implemented due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees, students, and visitors will be required to follow certain behaviors while on Stevenson University property in order to promote the safety of all individuals and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Individuals on school property must wear face coverings when (1) indoors at all times, other than when alone in a room*; and (2) outdoors when in a 6-foot proximity to another individual. An acceptable face covering is one that is made of cloth or other filtering material, fully covers the nose and mouth, fits snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps, and is secured around the ears or head to prevent slipping.  [*For residential students living in double rooms, please see the new Residence Hall Guidelines related to Covid-19].  

Every effort should be made to ensure a 6-foot distance from other individuals.  This includes obeying directional signage for hallways, stairwells, and building entrances and exits.  

The University will conduct regular surveillance testing for COVID-19. Resident students and commuter students who come to campus may be contacted at any point during the semester with instructions about this testing. It is important that students follow those instructions and sign up for a testing time within one week of notification.

When possible, meetings (other than class sessions) should be held via audio/video technology rather than in-person. When in-person meetings are necessary, participants must wear face coverings as noted above, maintain a minimum 6-foot distance between participants, and follow applicable governmental guidance regarding the size of gatherings. In-person meetings should only include necessary individuals and should be limited in duration to the extent possible. The university’s Visitors Policy should be consulted before allowing any external participants into an in-person meeting. 

When off campus, students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings, maintain a 6 foot distance from others and avoid large gatherings. The university reserves the right to take appropriate steps to protect the health of the university community if it learns that members of the university community have participated in large gatherings where physical distancing and masking have not been observed. Protective measures could include having the parties quarantine in an off campus location and/or other restrictions of campus access.

Physical contact between individuals, including handshakes, is discouraged. 

This policy is in effect until further notice. Failure to comply with this policy may result in counseling or disciplinary action. 


Added August 2020

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