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OIT Enforcement Policy

  1. PURPOSE: Policies governing technology resources are enforced by the Office of Information Technology (OIT)
  1. SCOPE: Applies to all policies issued by OIT.
  • User: Someone who is provided access to technology resources, including students, faculty, staff, contractors and other approved individuals or groups.
  • Cloud computing service: Any function provided by an agreement with an external organization that includes the ability to store or transmit electronic information.
  • Software: Any code, program or application designed to perform specific functions on a device.
  • Technology resource: Any device, software or service that stores or transmits electronic information as part of its function.
  • Device: Any equipment or hardware that stores or transmits electronic information. This includes computers, mobile devices, network equipment, phones, and server systems.
  • Exceptions to any OIT policy must be approved by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or designated representative.
  • Violations of any OIT policy will be managed by the CIO or designated representative:
  • Determining the severity level of any violation.
  • Determining whether the violation requires any immediate actions before any final adjudication.
  • Escalating minor violations to the appropriate department head for faculty and staff or the Dean of Students for students.
  • Escalating major violations to University leadership for appropriate actions, including suspension, termination, expulsion and referral to appropriate external organizations (federal, state, local law enforcement).


(Approved May 2020)

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