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Bereavement Leave

Eligible staff members are entitled to bereavement leave in the amounts listed below. Part-time staff are entitled to bereavement leave if the leave falls on a day that the individual is regularly scheduled to work. The regularly scheduled workday is equivalent to the employee’s scheduled hours but cannot exceed eight hours. The University reserves the right to require documentation of the death (e.g. death certificate, obituary, funeral home documentation). Time off for bereavement leave is arranged by notifying the staff member’s supervisor.   

Up to four days paid leave is provided for a death in the immediate family of a staff member or their spouse. Immediate family includes a spouse, child, parent or caregiver who took the place of a parent, sibling or other relative living as a member of the staff member's household. 

Up to two days paid leave is provided for a death outside the immediate family of the staff member or their spouse to include a grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, daughter-in-law, or son-in-law. 

Faculty and students are not eligible for bereavement leave. 

(Approved June 2018)

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