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We are here for you throughout the duration of your career.

Stevenson University supports life-long career development for our students and alumni. We are pleased to offer lifetime advising to our graduates. You may also access Handshake, which provides access to thousands of career opportunities locally and nationally,

Advising services:

  • During the first full year after graduation, all alumni have unlimited access to our online resources and personal career advising. Career Advising is offered in-person, via phone, or via Skype.
  • Beginning one-year post graduation, alumni may receive up to three career advising appointments per calendar year.
  • Appointments can be scheduled online via Handshake or by calling our front desk at 444-352-4477.

Stevenson Career Advisors are available to help you with your career decision making.  We can help you to polish your resume, refresh your job search strategy or even identify a new career path. We offer self-assessment tools such as CliftonStrengths and the Strong Interest Inventory.

Online Resource:

  • All alumni are eligible to use our online jobs database, Handshake to search for jobs. Alumni who graduated after 2012 will not be able to access their account until it is updated with a valid, non-Stevenson email; please contact the Office of Career Services by email, or phone, 443-352-4477 so that we can update your email address. Alumni who graduated before 2012 can request an account by going to the Handshake login and clicking on “Sign up for an account” and following the on-screen prompts.

Mentor a Stevenson Student

Alumni who choose to serve as mentors for Stevenson’s undergraduates help to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges that they will face in the workforce upon graduation. By having a friendly ear and providing guidance and advice, you can have a profound impact on our graduates that will influence their careers and lives. To register, visit Handshake and choose the Mentor option. If you already have an account in Handshake with a non-Stevenson email address, we request that you use that address when you request a mentor account.

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