Connecting Students to Alumni & Community Partners

The Mustang Career Mentor Program connects students to Stevenson alumni and community partners, providing networking opportunities and career advice.

Students: Students are able to search mentors based on their major and interests. They review the matched mentors, and connect to mentors of interest through the system. Mentors choose the number of Mentees they wish to have at any time, and receive a system email notification when a student asks to connect with them. All current Stevenson students will be given an account and use their Stevenson Single-Sign-On credentials to login. Initial contact will be online, via the Mustang Career Mentors platform.

Alumni & Community Partners: Alumni & Community Partners can sign up using LinkedIn or an email address and complete their profile by linking to existing social media accounts (Facebook or LinkedIn).


Mentor Objectives

Mentors assist students with:

  • Networking and personal branding skills.
  • Giving your mentee(s) insight into your industry.
  • Questions related to your career path.
  • General career questions.

What to Expect

Students may seek advice/guidance on the following.

  • Preparing for interviews.
  • Reviewing a resume.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Exploring degree options.
  • Preparing for informational interviews.
  • General career related questions.
  • Professional etiquette.
  • Major selection
  • Specific Questions related to your career path and major selection

What We Expect of You

  • Once you receive an email from a potential mentee, please make contact through email within 3 business days. This will help the student to remain engaged.
  • After the initial exchange, determine of this is a good Mentor/Mentee match in terms of student interest and expectations. You and the student may choose your preferred method of communication, phone, video chat, email, or face-to-face.
  • Keep the relationship career and academically orientated.
  • You and your mentee can establish your own level and amount of contact, but be sure to establish specific expectations for how you will interact.
  • Do not get discouraged if you do not receive any emails. For some students, it may be enough to read your profile.
  • Building rapport with your mentee is important. Provide a supportive environment to facilitate positive communication.
  • Discuss how your academics prepared you for your career.
  • Tell us your mentorship success stories; we would love to know!
  • If you are unable to answer any questions, please refer your mentee to the Stevenson Career Connection Center. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable with addressing any request or question, please refer the student to the Stevenson Career Connection Center.

What Mustang Career Mentors is Not

Mustang Career Mentors is NOT a placement service. You are not expected to provide jobs or internships to your mentees.

If a student asks you for a job (or internship), please refer them to the Stevenson Career Connection Center to meet with a Career Advisor for job search coaching.


All current Stevenson students will have an account created for them and will use their Stevenson Single-Sign-On (SSO) credentials to login.

What to Expect

  • Allow 3-4 business days for mentors to get back to you. If they decline your request, do not take it personally, there may be something going on in their personal or work lives which precludes them from taking on a mentee currently.
  • You will get an email notifying you of your request has been accepted or declined.
  • Once you have started your mentorship, it is between you and your mentor whether you use the Mustang Mentors application, email, phone, video chat, or face-to-face to communicate.

What Mustang Career Mentors are Not

Mustang Career Mentors is NOT a placement service. You should not ask your mentor for a job or internship.

If you need help finding a job or internship, make an appointment with a Career Advisor.

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