Left to right: Carolee Martelle ’63 ’89 ’97, Kevin Motz ’09, Beverly Bareham ’01

Distinguished Alumni Award

This award honors alumni who embody the Stevenson tradition of excellence through personal accomplishment, professional achievement, and humanitarian service.

Beverly Bareham ’01

Beverly Bareham chose to attend Stevenson University, then Villa Julie College, because she needed to invest in an excellent education. She was raising a young child at the time and had to consider the logistics of juggling childcare with the demands of being a full-time student. Bareham was happy to find a strong sense of community among her classmates and values the lasting relationships built with faculty members.

As a student at Villa Julie, Bareham landed a part-time position as a staff accountant through the college’s Career Center. Following graduation, she took a tax position and quickly decided to pursue a master’s degree in taxation at the University of Baltimore, where she obtained the highest GPA in her program. It was at this time that she began her extensive volunteering efforts across various organizations within the accounting industry. Bareham has chaired the State Tax Committee, served on the Board of Directors of the Maryland Association of CPAs, and has presented at continuing education seminars nationally. In 2014, she decided to start her own practice and was soon joined by her husband, Andy—also a CPA. In 2017, she hired her first Stevenson accounting student as a tax season intern.

Bareham is proud to call Stevenson her alma mater and she is paying it forward. When asked why she funds an annual scholarship each year for accounting students, she replied, “A scholarship can make the difference between a college education or not. My scholarship made a significant difference in whether or not I could attend Villa Julie and obtain my degree.”

Loyal Alumni Award

This award honors alumni who consistently demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the Stevenson University community by devoting time and talent to enhance the overall success of the institution. The recipient should be an advocate for their alma mater, maintaining a strong connection to the University beyond graduation, and should demonstrate consistent philanthropic support of Stevenson.

Carolee Martelle ’63 ’89 ’97

Carolee Martelle credits her first college experience to her mother, a firm believer in higher education. During the ’50s and ’60s, career opportunities for women were limited. Martelle opted to pursue the secretarial field and entered Villa Julie’s two-year legal secretarial program. She recalls “hitting the ground running” and made many fond memories during her time on campus, expanding her knowledge of the arts, history, and law.

After working as a secretary, administrative assistant, and client liaison, Martelle transitioned to the IT division of a major corporation, which led to her telecommunications role at Alexander & Alexander, the second largest insurance brokerage firm in the nation.

It was at this time that she decided to further her education in Villa Julie’s burgeoning IT program, first pursuing an associate’s degree in computer information systems and then a bachelor’s in business information systems. These accomplishments led to a promotion from a telecommunications analyst to a project manager.

Martelle’s passion for her alma mater extends beyond her role as a life-long student. She has enjoyed being a part of the Stevenson community through the years and has embraced the growth and success of the institution. She is a proud member of the Greats Oaks Society, having named Stevenson as a beneficiary in her estate, and has always found it important to give back of her time, talent, and resources. In 2016, she fully endowed a scholarship that will support students in perpetuity.

Young Alumni Award

This award is presented to a graduate of the past ten years who has achieved extraordinary success while remaining engaged with the University.

Kevin Motz ’09

Kevin Motz, M.D., is a surgical resident in his fifth year of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery residency at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Moving forward, he plans to complete a laryngology fellowship and become an airway and voice surgeon. His goal is to become a clinician scientist at an academic hospital so that he can do research, take care of patients, and train future otolaryngologists.

Motz looks back fondly on his time as a student and often says that he owes a lot of his success in life to faculty, friends, and coaches at Villa Julie, now Stevenson. During his time on campus, Motz was a proud member of the School of the Sciences, played on the men’s golf team, served as a Resident Assistant, and taught in the Supplemental Instruction program. Seizing opportunities to increase his responsibility allowed him to embrace his natural leadership tendencies and harness the confidence necessary to pursue his career goals. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology from Stevenson, Kevin received his doctorate from Georgetown University School of Medicine.

His success beyond graduation and determination to see his dreams become a reality are true motivation for the next generation of Stevenson students. In honor of his Stevenson family and his student experience, Motz supports the University by directing his gifts to the areas about which he is most passionate.