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Pursuing an education takes commitment and discipline. For many Stevenson students, it also takes hope—hope that they will manage to find the financial resources to continue their studies year after year.

It is our priority to build these resources through our scholarship program. Fortunately, our donors understand this critical need and are responding with generosity. Over the last five years, giving to scholarships has grown significantly.

As our reputation expands, so does interest and support from area businesses and enterprising individuals. As our alumni achieve success in their careers, they increasingly seek to pay back the help they received by establishing their own scholarship funds. Scholarship donors are not just providing students with tuition assistance—they are also providing students with hope.

5-Year Growth of Scholarship Support

Endowed and Annual Scholarships

“At times, I was unsure if I would be able to graduate on time because I had no idea how my tuition would be paid. Thankfully, Stevenson has members like you who are part of our community, who are willing to invest in the future of students.”

“Not only is your donation impacting my life now, but also in years to come. I plan to pay it forward and bless future students with scholarships the way you have blessed me.”

“All the opportunities and great times I’ve had here are made possible for me through donors like you. Thank you again for supporting my education and allowing me to continue to achieve the things I know are possible.”