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Ventures Winter 2018-2019

Ventures Winter 2018-2019

Date: Nov 16, 2018

Angela Davis Pallozzi ’05

by Angela Davis Pallozzi ’05

When I decided to become a lawyer it was to practice law, not marketing. But the reality of the current private legal market is that everyone has to be in business development. When I started at my firm, I was strongly encouraged to build a network of people who were not lawyers. The problem was that, after three years of law school and two years of clerking, everyone I knew, aside from my family, was a lawyer. How was I going to meet non-lawyers?

One colleague recommended I get involved in something, anything non-lawyer related that I cared about. I thought a lot about this and realized I cared about education and promoting higher education. So I went to an alumni event at Stevenson University. Not knowing anyone, my introverted side kept me circling the room not talking to anyone. Fortunately, I met a very kind woman who chatted with me and introduced me to a few other people. Since then, I have become very involved with the alumni board and have held several positions. I know everyone on the board and never go to an event without knowing someone. Everyone is super nice and has the same goal—to make SU great and get more alumni involved.

Over the years, I learned that building real relationships with people is how I prefer to “develop business.” I intentionally use quotes because I don’t want to just build a network relationship, I want to actually get to know people. Once I trust you and your work product, I will absolutely refer work to you. I don’t just want to hear about your success at work. I want to learn about what you like, what you do with your spare time, what brought you to Maryland. The professional stuff comes into play, but it is not the forefront.

I also prefer to get involved in causes I care about and want to devote my time to. Having a common goal with others is a great way to get to know each other and really see what the person is about. I cannot say that my plan for business development is going to work for you. But to those who are wallflowers at networking events, I encourage you to find something you care about and get involved. Maybe you’ll find those opportunities right here at your alma mater, and make new friends as well as business connections.

Angela Davis Pallozzi, Esq. is counsel at Offit Kurman P.A. in Baltimore.

Sara Bollinger '17 exploring life in Kuwait

The transition from being a student-athlete to going into the working world isn't very different—just ask Sara Bollinger (business administration '17), who says that the lessons she learned on the volleyball court are the same as those she applies to her everyday life. Read more at

Students, alumni, and families coming together at various SU events

The Roar of the (SU) Crowd

A hearty crowd of more than 200 SU alumni and community members watched the Orioles play the Yankees during the 7th annual Stevenson Night at Camden Yards on June 1.

A Day in the Country

Alumni, families, and friends flocked to the countryside for Alumni Day at Boordy Vineyards, a favorite new fall tradition. There was live music, food vendors, wagon rides through the vineyard, and wine tastings. SU guests received Stevenson bottle stoppers.

Mustangs Are Moving In!

More than 20 alumni volunteered at Student Move-In in August, sharing in the anticipation felt by new students and their families and reviving memories of beginning their SU journeys.

Mark Moody ’18 took video of his fellow alumni sharing that they helped out because they enjoyed giving back the support that they received as new students; seeing for themselves the changes to campus; and witnessing the world of possibilities ahead of the new students. Photo from Left to Right: Justin Amig ’05, Anthony DeFrancisco ’05, Charles McCord, Jeremy Davis ’07

Words of Wisdom

After students moved in, they trooped down the hill for Convocation. Beverly Bareham ’01 was the keynote speaker, delivering words of wisdom gleaned from her own experience as a Villa Julie student.

A Day on the Links

On Oct. 19, members of the SU community kicked off Homecoming + Family Weekend at the 2018 Stevenson University Golf Open, sponsored by Ruff Roofers. Piney Branch Golf Club, home course to Stevenson’s golf teams, was the location of the tournament. If you were unable to participate and would like to make a gift in support of a team or the General Athletics Fund, please visit

Alumni Welcomed Into Hall of Fame

The 2018 class of the Dick Watts Stevenson University Athletics Hall of Fame was formally inducted on Oct. 20 at the annual Hall of Fame Banquet. Nominees for this year’s class included women’s soccer and basketball standout Tonia Cristino Ramsel ’08 ’10M, baseball’s Anthony DeFrancisco ’05, Jaime Hershner Elwood ’01 of women’s lacrosse, women’s basketball star Cara Hill ’07 ’10M, men’s soccer’s Steve Montalvo ’02, and Dan Velez ’03 of men’s lacrosse comprise this year’s class. Jeb Barber ’02 and Tim Campbell, CFO, were inducted as contributors. The 2006 women’s soccer team was also recognized as a Team of Tradition.

Christine Wolfe Strong presenting her exhibit, Slow Growth

Through her exhibit, Slow Growth, artists Christine Wolfe Strong’s crocheted sculptures—featured in the Manning Academic Center this fall—explored science, nature, experience, and belief. The imagery draws parallels between micro and macro structures; the lines could be blood rushing through veins or water through rivers. On Oct. 16, Wolfe Strong led a workshop for students, faculty, staff, and other community members where she guided them in creating their own thought-provoking works.

For a list of cultural events you can still attend this year, visit

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Parents and families take an active interest in student life. Look around campus and you will see them attending games and performances, participating in Homecoming + Family Weekend, and picking up their students to treat them to an off-campus dinner. To more fully involve them in the life of the Stevenson community, the Parents and Family Council launched this fall.

We know you are enthusiastic about your Stevenson experience, so why keep it to yourself?

The council’s purpose is to increase family-to-family outreach and to connect with other families to share their insight and enthusiasm. Think of how helpful and reassuring it can be to benefit from the perspective of other parents who have had the same experiences. Joining the council is also an opportunity to sustain our student-centered community by assisting the Office of University Advancement with increasing philanthropic support among our families. Tuition covers approximately 72 percent of the total attendance for each student, so philanthropic support is critical to maintaining the academic depth and opportunities for exceptional experience.

If you are interested in joining the Parents and Family Council or to learn more about the opportunity, please contact Meghan Culbertson, Assistant Vice President for University Advancement, at or 443-334- 2227.

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Ventures Winter 2018-2019
Ventures, Winter 2018-2019


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