move in day helpers

Life as a student creates myriad memories, many cherished and some, perhaps, filed under “lessons learned.” We want to help you make new memories. The Office of Alumni Relations strives to make the alumni experience more meaningful by creating satisfying opportunities to engage with current students and add value to their Stevenson experience. You can make a difference from the moment they set foot on campus to the moment they turn the tassels on their graduation caps. Whether assisting at a college fair, an Open House, an Accepted Student Dinner, an Adulting seminar, or a milestone occasion such as Commencement, alumni have the ability to make a meaningful impact.

One opportunity that provides the chance to truly be hands-on is New Student Move-In Day each August as incoming freshmen, new transfer students, and their families face the exhilarating but daunting task of moving into the residence halls. Alumna Donna Kahoe ’99 is an enthusiastic champion of her alma mater and also serves on the university’s Board of Trustees. She has assisted at Move-In Day for the past two years and provides these insights into the experience.

SU: What do you enjoy most about assisting with New Student Move-In Day?
Kahoe: The excitement of both the incoming students and their parents/family. Everyone is excited, some are bit apprehensive, and if we can tap into that with them it becomes infectious. So I would say helping to calm nerves and make the day less sad and stressful is the biggest plus for me. I think the appreciation from the students and their families for us doing that is a great feeling. SU does such a terrific job in coordinating the entire day, which is much appreciated and somewhat unexpected. The experience makes me very proud to be a part of the SU family.

SU: Do you have a favorite memory from Move-In Day in 2016 or 2017?
Kahoe: The comments from students and parents are amazing:
“Everyone’s smiling here!”
“Wow, we don’t have to move anything?”
“This is SO organized!”
“Other schools could take a lesson from SU on how to do this!”

My best memory is Dr. Hirshman walking amongst the students and trash bins full of stuff in the parking lot to greet the parents and students—it was great.

SU: What compelled you to volunteer at Move-In Day a second time?
Kahoe: It is fun! And it is also a great way to interact with the current and incoming students.


Would you like to make a difference? Contact Allison Humphries ’11, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, at or 443-334 2063.