claire moore

Imagine someone who has dedicated her career to her alma mater, striving to create a positive, meaningful experience for thousands of students over decades. And imagine that person leading with enthusiasm, and helping to transform a two-year junior college into a four year university. How does a community honor someone who has made such an impact? By following her example and focusing on students—by creating a scholarship in her name.

In 1982, Claire Moore ’67, returned to Villa Julie College to serve as the Director of Student Activities. Through her leadership and collaborative spirit, she developed the residence life program, established an athletics program, and helped to create the Wellness Center. After serving as Vice President of Student Affairs for more than 10 years, in 2016, Moore was selected to serve as Stevenson’s Interim President upon the retirement of President Kevin J. Manning. As Stevenson’s fifth president, she continued her unwavering commitment to our students’ success, growth, and well-being. When Moore announced her intention to retire in December 2017, the Senior Class Council decided to honor her in the most fitting way they could imagine: by creating an opportunity to help students. The Claire Moore Scholarship Fund will provide tuition support to a senior who has contributed to the Stevenson community.

Claire Moore ’67, ’03 is the person who made Stevenson a home for so many students. Throughout her 35-year career at Stevenson, she led the university with her heart and kept her focus on its students.