Happy Birthday, SU!

70 Years of Living and Learning

On Oct. 1, Stevenson University celebrated the 70th anniversary of the opening of Villa Julie College. Starting as a two-year medical secretary junior college for women, Villa Julie became synonymous with career preparation for medical, legal, and information technology fields. At the core was a liberal arts education to ensure a wide base of knowledge, a broad range of thought, and the skills to research and analyze. From its earliest days, area doctors, hospitals, law firms, and corporations relied on Villa Julie graduates. And 70 years later, hospitals, law firms, businesses, schools, corporations, and community services rely on Stevenson University graduates for a full complement of fields of study.

Stevenson may have the residence and dining halls, a stadium, and a theatre that did not exist at the opening of Villa Julie, but what alumni -- both recent and longstanding -- recall is the caring and supportive community, the extraordinary student experience, and the focus on guiding students to a career. These values were all at the heart of Villa Julie and live on at Stevenson. As you think about your experience as a student, a graduate, a current or former parent, or a friend of this University, imagine the kind of impact you can have on students in this 70th year. Every one of us has the power to make a difference in some way, perhaps by endowing a scholarship at $70,000, making a leadership gift of $7,000 to support a program or sport, providing $700 to send two students on a service trip, or giving $70 to assist a student to buy a book for a class. Our 70th year is an opportunity to highlight our history and to shape our future. Please consider making your impact by returning a gift in the envelope enclosed in this magazine.

Happy 70th, Villa Julie College and Stevenson University!