Quintessential Wilde

Adjunct Professor in English Ariana Mashilker, Ph.D., wrote a chapter titled “Reclaiming the Fisherman: Soul Searching and the Subversive in Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales” in the recently published Quintessential Wilde: His Worldly Place, His Penetrating Philosophy, and His Influential Aestheticism. An Anglo-Irish literature and drama scholar, Mashilker was invited by the editor to collaborate on the commemorative text, which marked the 160th anniversary of Wilde’s birth.

“After many years writing and lecturing as a Joycean scholar, it was a new experience to publish on Oscar Wilde,” says Mashilker. “The uniqueness of this particular publication, in relation to my general research, might suggest [to students] the benefits and rewards of stepping beyond your comfort zone and trying your hand at something new and familiar. I always try to instill in my students a belief they can accomplish anything to which they set their mind—after all, the only thing holding us back is our own hesitation.”

Mashilker adds that she is honored to have her work shared among such a distinguished collection of Wildean scholars. She has been teaching at Stevenson University since 2014.