Welcome Stevenson University Online

In August, SU announced a name change for its School of Graduate and Professional Studies: Stevenson University Online. The name change stems from the desire to position the school more directly as an online education provider, leader, and innovator, says Susan T. Gorman, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost.

"Rest assured that although the school's name has changed, it remains one of seven schools within Stevenson's administrative structure," she says. "Its goal remains the same: to provide our students with the high quality, career-focused, and personalized education they have come to expect from Stevenson."

Joyce Becker, Dean of Stevenson University Online, says that the university; its students, faculty, and staff; prospective students; and partners will all experience the many benefits to this change.

"One aspect of the change is that we're adding new, fully online bachelor's and master's degree programs as well as modernizing and enhancing current online and hybrid degree programs," Becker explains.

Another benefit will be the creation of upper division, lower division, and post-baccalaureate certificate programs in a variety of specialized fields that could provide further professional development opportunities. For current and prospective undergraduate students, there will be additional options for bachelor's-to-master's degree programs based on the growing number of master's programs.

Students who complete a Stevenson University Online program or any of the campus-based programs will earn a Stevenson University degree and diploma.

Since 2002, Stevenson University has pioneered delivering master's and bachelor's programs to working professionals seeking to complete a degree or use a degree to advance their careers. In 2006, it launched its online Master of Science in Forensic Studies program and, as of 2017, offers 13 online master's, seven online bachelor's, and four online certificate programs in areas such as nursing, healthcare management, forensic studies, forensic science, cyber forensics, STEM teaching, literacy education, communication studies, and business technology management.

For more information about Stevenson University Online, visit stevenson.edu/online.