What Are You Reading in Ventures?

Ventures made its first online debut with the Summer 2016 issue. Since then, we’ve been keeping track of the page views for each item—and the results have been interesting.

From June 20 through Oct. 18, there were 1,056 page views site-wide, including 387 views for the landing page and 669 views for individual articles. The most popular article was the “Study Away at SU” feature, with 88 views, followed by a tie between the “Meeting Veterans Where They Are” feature and the news item about the 2016-2017 Baltimore Speakers Series, both of which had 73 views. The average time spent on the site was 1 minute and 21 seconds.

Data such as this is critical to the editorial process of Ventures; we need to know what you want more (and less) of when planning future issues. As of the printing of this issue, it’s too early to conclusively determine similar results for the Fall 2016 issue. But make sure to read it—and this issue!—for exclusive, online-only content. Visit and bookmark stevenson.edu/ventures today.