Education Changes Everything

Each issue of Ventures highlights Office of University Advancement projects and programs.

The purpose is to create philanthropic opportunity for any and all who want to partner with this institution to provide access to education and to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Why? The reasons go back to Stevenson’s foundation. When Sr. Julie Billiart founded the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in France in 1804, a free school for girls was soon opened and a legacy of creating access to education was cemented. The order grew and came to America, continuing this mission. In 1947 they established Villa Julie Junior College and Medical Secretarial School, the forerunner to Stevenson University. The purpose: to provide opportunities for young women to learn for learning’s sake and give them the skills and knowledge for an expanding workforce.1959 Yearbook, Biology Class

Nearly 70 years later, the faculty and staff of Stevenson University come to campus each day because they know that access to education ensures a knowledgeable and prepared citizenry. And those in University Advancement come to campus each day because the rising costs to teach and train students create a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to ensure that those who want to study at SU can study at SU. The opportunity is to invite alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations to engage with and help meet this challenge.

In the printed version of this issue, please note the honor roll of donors. The pages of names are meant to thank those listed, to celebrate the growing number of supporters, and to highlight the work that has and can be done for Stevenson students. There is a rich history here with possibility always on the horizon.

So when you read in these pages or in a letter, or learn in a phone call why the University is asking for support, please know that it is because of one goal: Ensuring that students who want to come here have the resources to thrive here. That’s why the Office of University Advancement engages those who believe in and want to support education—because it changes everything. To make your gift through our secure online site visit givetosu.