Carla Wilson ’18, recipient of the Beverly Bareham, CPA, PA Annual Scholarship, with Beverly Bareham ’01.

Inspiration and appreciation were felt in abundance at Stevenson University’s 2nd Annual Scholarship Luncheon on April 17. This event brings together the alumni, individuals, corporations, and organizations that fund annual and endowed scholarships with the deserving students who benefit from their generosity. This opportunity to reach beyond the thank-you letters and photographs led to lively and earnest conversation in which benefactors and students gave inspiration to each other.

Board Member James T. Brady voiced the sentiments of many in attendance when he remarked that of the numerous events held at Stevenson, the Scholarship Luncheon is among his favorites due to the overall feeling of celebration and goodwill. Brady, along with his wife Fran, established the James T. and Francine G. Brady Scholarship, and they were delighted to have this chance to spend time with their student.

Another featured speaker, Beverly Bareham ’01, sponsor of the Beverly Bareham, CPA, PA Annual Scholarship, revealed that she keeps the photo of her scholarship recipient displayed in her office as a source of inspiration and reminder of the good that comes from giving back.

The event concluded with donors and students celebrating the experience by having their photos taken together.