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Chelsea (Moog) ’14 and Heath Johnson ’13 met on move-in day in 2011 and it was love at first sight! They’ve been together ever since and got married in June 2017 with their pup, Jax, by their side. Heath works for Northrop Grumman and Chelsea works for Elle Ellinghaus Design. They currently reside in Pasadena, MD. #MustangLove

Leah (Warner) ’14 and Kevin Abendschoen

Leah (Warner) ’14 and Kevin Abendschoen met in 2012 during Groups Counseling class. One day after class, Kevin accompanied Leah to the Greenspring library and their story began. Leah played lacrosse and Kevin never missed a game. He even cheered the loudest when her team won the MAC championship in 2014! They were recently married in December 2017. #MustangLove

Elaine (Adamidis) ’05 and David Clarke ’04

Elaine (Adamidis) ’05 and David Clarke ’04 met on freshman move-in day for VJC in August 2001. David was a part of the SMILE crew and helped Elaine move into her apartment. They were basically inseparable from the moment they met. They got married in December 2007 and now have four #FutureMustangs: Ethan, Niko, Ella and Olivia. They’ve been together for 16 years and counting! #MustangLove

Courtney Parto ’17 and Malik Naanaa ’16 ’17M

Courtney Parto ’17 and Malik Naanaa ’16 ’17M were placed together as RAs in Herring Run Hall in 2014. Malik had a huge crush on Courtney, but knew they couldn’t date because of how close they worked together. In January 2015, Courtney made Malik a very lucky guy and decided to take a chance on him! They are currently living & working in Delaware; Courtney works at Wilmington University and Malik works at the Delaware Division of Forensic Sciences. #MustangLove

Sabrina Robbins ’16 and Ben Trently ’15 met during the 2013-2014 Humans vs. Zombies game on campus. They instantly clicked, became best friends and started dating about a year later. Ben proposed in April 2017 and they are getting married next month. To add to the excitement, they settle on their first home together this Friday! #MustangLove

Taylor Zimmerman ’13 and Alex Hosier ’12 ’15M

Taylor Zimmerman ’13 and Alex Hosier ’12 ’15M met in one of their classes during their freshman year and coincidentally lived three doors down from one another. They started dating in November 2009 and are planning their wedding set for May 2018! They currently live in White Marsh with their pup, Lola. Alex works for the Army as an Engineer and Taylor is a Vibrant Living Director at Brightview Assisted Living. #MustangLove

Tonia Cristino ’08 ’10M and Nick Ramsel ’13 ’14M met in 2010 when they played on the same social kickball team. After playing together on various sports teams and eventually working together at SU, they began dating in 2011. They consider themselves overrated food critics, craft beer taste testers, and mile racking travelers. They are currently planning their wedding that is set for September 2018. #MustangLove

Cynthia (Chase) '03 and Matthew Glace '03 '06M were both Computer Information Systems majors and met in C++ programming class. They were also both involved in the Association of IT Professionals (AITP) where Matthew was the President and Cynthia was the Secretary of the VJC chapter. They started dating in 2002 and got married in 2006. Their jobs have taken them to NYC, Raleigh, NC and London! They currently reside in Baltimore where they both grew up. #MustangLove

Jessie (Halpern) ’08 and Pete Stefaniak

Jessie (Halpern) ’08 and Pete Stefaniak ’07 met in Dr. Bilgrave's Counseling Skills class during the first week that Jessie transferred to VJC. They were both Psychology majors and sang in the choir together. They got married in 2011 and have 2 daughters (and #FutureMustangs) who are 3.5 years and 8 months old. They currently reside in England. #MustangLove


Taylor Rigsby ’17 and Kris DeJesus ’17 met during their freshman year at the sand volleyball courts because they were both unable to get tickets to the first football game. They started dating soon after homecoming and have been together ever since! Taylor studied Elementary Education and Kris studied Business Communication. #MustangLove

Marissa Meiklejohn ’14 and Brooks Miller ’14 met during the summer of 2013 when their parents moved in across the street from one another. They started talking once they learned that they both went to SU. Marissa played lacrosse and Brooks played baseball so they had their first date at Five Guys one day after practice and have been together ever since! They are currently planning their wedding set for June 8, 2019. #MustangLove

Stephanie Schwarz ’17 and Christopher Taylor, Jr. were both Computer Information Systems majors and had several classes together. They were placed in a group together to work on a project during their sophomore year and quickly became best friends. Christopher proposed in 2015 and they are currently expecting a baby girl (and #FutureMustang) this August! #MustangLove

megan and jay scroggins

Megan (Smith) ’13 and Jay Scroggins ’13 originally met during Freshman Orientation in 2009 but didn’t start dating until their junior year when they (literally!) bumped into each other at the Ratcliffe Center shuttle stop. Later that night, Jay messaged Megan on Facebook and their story began. They got married in May 2017 and are expecting their first baby (and #FutureMustang) any day now. Congrats! #MustangLove

Katie Evans ’14 and Nick Hoban ’13 knew each other when they went to SU, but did not officially meet until after they both graduated. One night out and about in Canton, Nick noticed Katie and shouted “You went to Stevenson!” Two years and one marathon later they are engaged to be married this September, all thanks to the greatest school in the world (Nick’s words, not ours!) #MustangLove

allison humphries and dj cuneo

Today we are featuring one of our own, Allison Humphries ’11 and Donald Cuneo. Allison is a 2011 Stevenson grad, and currently works as the Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations here at SU. Allison and DJ recently got engaged and are planning their wedding set for December 2018. Please join us in wishing them many years of wedded bliss! #MustangLove

Kerry (McMillin) ’05 and Edward Emm ’06 first met at VJC in 2001 in the hallway at Wooded Way, the apartment complex provided for student housing at the time. As their freshmen year ended, they continued through the years together. Now, 16 years later, they are married and have 2 children (and #FutureMustangs), Mackenzie and Logan. #MustangLove

jaiana and shalise

Jaiana Boskett ’14 made lifelong friendships with Ajani Khalfani ’15, Mina Ali ’16, Alicia Alexander ’16, and Alexis Erie ’15 while attending SU. They first connected through working for Conference Services on campus. After graduation, their friendship grew stronger and when Jaiana met Shalise, her “Stang Gang” knew she was the one! They helped Jaiana plan and execute the perfect engagement. Jaiana and Shalise are planning their wedding in October 2019 where Ajani, Mina, Alicia & Alexis will proudly serve in the wedding party. #MustangLove


Kristyna (Hnizda) ’10 and Trevor Giancola ’08 both played lacrosse at SU and started dating during their sophomore year. They got married in 2014, have a son named Max and are expecting their second #FutureMustang in August! They currently live in Syracuse, NY where Kristyna is a Physician Assistant and Trevor works for their family exporting business. #MustangLove

love stories

Kristen Brooks ’17 and David Moler ’15 met through playing volleyball at SU. Their love grew over their 4+ years together and they got engaged in December surrounded by their closest friends! They are planning their wedding set for April 2019. #MustangLove

Jenny and Matt Seiler
Jenny (Ellis) ’08 and Matt Seiler ’08 met at SU (then VJC) in 2005. They lived across from each other in Shawan Hall and it was love at first sight! They got married on stage at the Hippodrome Theatre in 2012 and welcomed their daughter, Brooke, in 2015. Jenny is a Child Life Specialist at GBMC and Matt works here at SU as the Events & Marketing Coordinator for the Office of Career Services. #MustangLove

Maura and Matt Winebrenner
Maura (Kovalcik) ’13 and Matt Winebrenner ’12, both Business Communication majors, met at SU during their freshman year in 2009. They met in Rockland and have been inseparable ever since! They got married on October 29, 2016. #MustangLove

ellet coupel
Ava (Schein) ’15 and Andrew Ellett met through the SU marching band in 2013. Andrew was a University of Baltimore student but since UB didn’t have a marching band, Andrew played for Stevenson. After their first date, sparks flew and the rest is history. Andrew proposed under the fireworks on July 4, 2015 and they got married in September 2016. They currently reside in Annapolis, MD. #MustangLove

krull couple
Maria (Riveros) ’13 and Sean Krull ’13 met through a classmate during their freshman year at SU. They have been together since 2009 and happily married since 2015. They met outside of the Inscape Theatre on the Greenspring Campus and got engaged right by the tree! #MustangLove

tobon couple
Jennifer (DeHoff) ’13 and Daniel Tobon ’12 met in Service Corps at SU during their junior year, but didn’t start hanging out until their senior year when they both participated as SMILE crew members on freshman move-in day. Their first date included playing ping pong in Ratcliffe Center on the Owings Mills Campus. They got married in August 2016 and will be welcoming their first baby (and #FutureMustang) in July 2018. #MustangLove

Kendra and Kevin Carmack
Kendra (Mahall) ’09 and Kevin Carmack ’09 met at VJC/SU in 2008 and got married in 2011. They have two daughters (and #FutureMustangs) Cora, born in 2014, and Emma, born in 2016. They reside in Carroll County, MD and own & operate Render Solid, a video production and design firm. #MustangLovewilson couple
Erica (Kiss) ’04 and Jim Wilson ’04 both played soccer at VJC and met during their senior year. Jim, an Accounting major, helped Erica, an IT major, with her Accounting course and won her heart! They got married in 2010 and have 2 fur babies, Sophie & Paisley. They currently reside in Atlanta, GA. #MustangLove

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