Tonia Cristino ’08 ’10M and Nick Ramsel ’13 ’14M met in 2010 when they played on the same social kickball team. After playing together on various sports teams and eventually working together at SU, they began dating in 2011. They consider themselves overrated food critics, craft beer taste testers, and mile racking travelers. They are currently planning their wedding that is set for September 2018. #MustangLove

Cynthia (Chase) '03 and Matthew Glace '03 '06M were both Computer Information Systems majors and met in C++ programming class. They were also both involved in the Association of IT Professionals (AITP) where Matthew was the President and Cynthia was the Secretary of the VJC chapter. They started dating in 2002 and got married in 2006. Their jobs have taken them to NYC, Raleigh, NC and London! They currently reside in Baltimore where they both grew up. #MustangLove

Jessie (Halpern) ’08 and Pete Stefaniak

Jessie (Halpern) ’08 and Pete Stefaniak ’07 met in Dr. Bilgrave's Counseling Skills class during the first week that Jessie transferred to VJC. They were both Psychology majors and sang in the choir together. They got married in 2011 and have 2 daughters (and #FutureMustangs) who are 3.5 years and 8 months old. They currently reside in England. #MustangLove


Taylor Rigsby ’17 and Kris DeJesus ’17 met during their freshman year at the sand volleyball courts because they were both unable to get tickets to the first football game. They started dating soon after homecoming and have been together ever since! Taylor studied Elementary Education and Kris studied Business Communication. #MustangLove

Marissa Meiklejohn ’14 and Brooks Miller ’14 met during the summer of 2013 when their parents moved in across the street from one another. They started talking once they learned that they both went to SU. Marissa played lacrosse and Brooks played baseball so they had their first date at Five Guys one day after practice and have been together ever since! They are currently planning their wedding set for June 8, 2019. #MustangLove

Stephanie Schwarz ’17 and Christopher Taylor, Jr. were both Computer Information Systems majors and had several classes together. They were placed in a group together to work on a project during their sophomore year and quickly became best friends. Christopher proposed in 2015 and they are currently expecting a baby girl (and #FutureMustang) this August! #MustangLove