Each month, we profile one of the amazing Phonathon students working in SU's call center. This month we sat down with student caller Katie '20, a chemistry major from Lanham, MD.

Phoneathon caller Katie

Why did you choose to come to Stevenson?

The main reason is that Stevenson gave me the most scholarship money. But also, the dorms are newer and way bigger compared to other schools I was considering. The staff at Stevenson were extremely nice and helpful at every open house, Accepted Student's Day, and Mustang Day that I attended. Everyone was super nice, and I immediately felt comfortable every time I came here to visit.

What do you like best about SU now that you're here?

Now that I am here, I am loving how small my classes are. I always saw huge, scary lecture halls of colleges in movies, and dreading having to attend a class with so many people. But luckily, SU is such a small school my biggest class has 20 something people.

What activities to you enjoy outside of class?

A. I am in Colorgaurd in our marching band, and I love it. Outside of class, I am usually sleeping.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to attend University of MD's graduate school of pharmacy to earn my Doctorate of Pharmacy. I will either work locally as a pharmacist in a grocery store or pharmacy setting, or in a research lab developing and preparing medications for the public.